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  1. https://images.app.goo.gl/j9Hvvxx77RdVuXkE7 actual live footage.
  2. They probably knew he was gonna get destroyed on the end of the play, so they let him go on purpose.
  3. The best part was Mathews completely trucking him on the Julio touchdown. I think at that very moment he knew he was toast.
  4. Maybe next time just lighten up. Sheesh.
  5. I’m a GT alum so I am defensive of our dudes. Especially Shaq Mason beating us in 51. But calm down.
  6. Awesome. I hate late games on work nights. I haven't watched the end of the college national championship in several years. I'd rather get some sleep.
  7. I'm sure the NFL wishes the Cowboys or Packers were in the playoffs. Ratings will likely take a hit from those two teams missing out. But otherwise, I think having fresh teams in the postseason will spark interest from people who are tired of the status quo.
  8. Most of us predicted a step forward for this unit. Unfortunately, most of us also assumed the offense would stay close to the same.
  9. You don't go into tank mode when your job (HC and GM) are on the line. It might get the team a higher draft pick next year, but you won't be the one getting to use it.
  10. Pretty sure that’s fake. Dak’s twitter handle is @dak.
  11. I’ll raise him to be a Tech grad, just like me and his mama.
  12. I wanted to post this several days ago but I was very busy, as you might imagine. I just welcomed the newest falcons fan into the world on tuesday. My first child, Alex was born at 2:50 in the afternoon that day. 8 lb 5 oz. Mom is doing great. All my iPhone pics are too big to upload, so I’ll get one up shortly
  13. Freeney can't fix the problems we have right now. Unless he's a much better offensive play caller than I think.
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