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  1. im not spazzing out ,im jus wonderin about a possibility .so back da **** off biatch
  2. dont be so overconfident , dont forget a year ago we went in a "new direction" , and with the copycat league this is , the bucs can be pretty dangerous wit the right people in place.
  3. Im kinda worried about wats happenin in tampa. i hope they dont bring in a hotshot coach(mike shanahan,steve spagnualo, etc . Im also worried about the direction they are headed in, i would hate 2 see them finally settling with a young qb, maybe mark sanchez.
  4. and ur another reason ur wifes coming wit me . so stay at whatever ****** place ur from and as always EAT CROW BIATCH
  5. ***** dont hate on Hotlanta theres a reason ur wifes comin 2 move in wit me
  6. I agree you can pay 4 school but u cant buy class
  7. this has nothing to do with ur topic but did u think of ur username all on ur own cause i couldve have sworn i heard ur username during a titans game
  8. ur a vikings fan hhahahahaahaha dude all have a blackout and ur sayin we r bad fans. Its funny that there were no viqueen trolls WHEN BEAT DA VIKINGS IN THERE HOME and now they all come out. it goes to show how much of a babyback biatches u guys rly r
  9. he is a class act no doubt but i wanna c tears of joy not tears after a loss ,i hope dis motivate him 4 next year
  10. true dat but hopin we restructure his contract n get a stud from da draft so brookings a backup but still provide leadership 2 da locker room
  11. da vikings might want him they can use him as a tarvaris jackson decoy :P
  12. im not trying 2 say get rid of abe jus win a superbowl 4 him
  13. watching JA55 tear up was da most discouraging thing i saw dis season n i pray da falcons get da ring next season cause dis guy deserves it as 4 brooking quit hatin on him he didnt turn his back when falcons werent great n we shouldnt turn our back on him. Im all 4 bringing a new replacement. but brooking n abe should retire with rings and as falcons
  14. "AP08MVP" huh dats 2 bad cause peyton manning is da mvp. o n beat u in ur house n made Adrian"All Day"Peterson fumble ALL DAY!!!!! so get off da board u little babyback biatch
  15. I guarantee matt ryan gats SB win b4 his career ends as 4 romo all he has is jessica simpson which isnt bad so i guess both win
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