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  1. Just to be clear we beat the saints and 49ers but can’t even hang with the buccs. doesn’t look they are playing hard for coach now that job is safe. Pathetic
  2. The o line does look bad but there are reasons why 1. 2 rooks on one side. One missed almost all pre season and the other only has played in 4 games I think. They have played much better together and will only get better with playing time. 2. LG is an issue. And it’s something both Mathews and Mack have to deal with and they can’t play both positions at once. Get a real good LG AND all 3 positions improve. 3. Play calling and guys getting open can help too. What is with all the very slow developing plays? No o line anywhere can hold up when the QB has to hold ball for 5 seconds. You also need people getting open so Matt can get rid of the ball quicker. I think this o line is a LG and better play caller away from being truly good if not great.
  3. We always look so good on first drive then suck most of rest of game
  4. If that was brees Brady Rogers would have been ruled incomplete pass
  5. Moose Johnson is slobbering all over kittles junk all game long. does he know there are others playing?
  6. Whoever wasn’t out there on that on side kick should be sitting the rest of the game. Need some accountability at some point on this team which is actually part of the problem
  7. This is exactly what I’ve been saying all along. He DOES NOT prepare for the next opponent. This is why the team alleys looks like it can’t handle the game itself. The best coached teams always exploit the opposition weakness. We don’t and our recode reflects it
  8. NFL doesn’t care. It’s all about the money. the only way Change takes place is if gooddell doesn’t get his money
  9. Officials too often these days have a direct say in the outcome of games. today was an officiating catastrophe. Owners need to see that this has a direct on their bottom line. a 2-4 falcons draw better than one that’s 1-5. and all 3 calls that were horrible lead to 2 cards tds and game ending play and each time perreira walked it back to back officials. they should all be held accountable. NFL should now stand for Not Fair League.
  10. Every throw Ryan makes seems to just hang in the air either he is hurt and saying nothing or he is done
  11. And I think freeman needs his eyes checked. Seems to run at defenders instead of around them
  12. it has to be the philosophy...he says every week its not about them its about us. that translates into we don't prepare for the next team we only work on us. NE wins every way imaginable because they do prepare for the next opponent.
  13. The whole point of this topic was the falcons don't prepare for nest team. We played a team that is horrible against the run and what did we not do?? RUN the ball. 14 attempts not including that thing that ryan tried when he thought he could hurdle 3 titan defenders. and despite being down we had plenty of time to still run the dang ball
  14. That's right. Because Tennessee prepared for us and the falcons did not prepare for them
  15. I have said it once and I will say it again. The falcons problems on the field are the results of DQ's philosophy during the week. How many times have we heard from him "Its not about them, its about us?" He does NOT prepare this team for the next game. His practices are based on the falcons flaws the previous week and NOT focusing on the next team up. I mean how do you work on RED zone issues? Penalties that continue drives in D and kill them on O? and who are they doing this against in practice? This team week in and week out is unprepared, undisciplined, and fundamentality unfit. They are not playing as team but rather a bunch of individuals. The master of this Belickick, (4-0) who prepares against the next teams weakness and exploits it. FALCONS (1-3) DONT!
  16. The reason this team continually looks unprepared is based on Quinn’s statement “ it’s not about what they do it’s about us”. I disagree wholeheartedly with that. The reason you prepare for the week is to face the team next on the schedule. Everything the team does should focus on how to stop what the next team does well and attack what they don’t. Falcons don’t seem to do this. I would think every single weeks practice must look exactly the same at Flowery Branch.
  17. I truly believe Quinn does not understand the situation. We have the most bone headed calls at the weirdest times just like that call before the half. Either throw a quick out or go for end zone.
  18. eagles playing like the falcons for last 2 1/2 quarters
  19. I posted this in a thread earlier. fix the lines. everything else is secondary
  20. Fix the trenches. Everything esle is secondary.
  21. I just don’t understand how professional coaches can’t see what’s going on. They are either stupid, don’t care or too stubborn to change. All 3 dangerous.
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