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  1. eagles playing like the falcons for last 2 1/2 quarters
  2. I posted this in a thread earlier. fix the lines. everything else is secondary
  3. Fix the trenches. Everything esle is secondary.
  4. I just don’t understand how professional coaches can’t see what’s going on. They are either stupid, don’t care or too stubborn to change. All 3 dangerous.
  5. Theyplay this way because it’s how they practice. We play the exact same football every week and that’s on Quinn. It’s his philosophy and I’m tired of seeing him just accept what’s happening. There is zero passion in him and thus none in the team.
  6. even if they did use them we still had ours to use at the 6 second mark. they definitely would have to kick at that point unless they had none left. which we then could determine if we need to use at all. or maybe could have used one earlier to give us more time.
  7. DQ still doesnt understand clock management. called 2 TO's in last :29 in game allowing dallas to run more plays and get closer. call a TO with only :06 left and dallas now has a decision to make. 1. attempt Fg of 46 yards which may have been wide right (if good at least you have one shot at a return or a penalty on Dallas) 2: use their own TO's to where they have none 3: run one more play and maybe, just maybe the plays takes 6 seconds and your going to OT Still a longshot but a shot nonetheless.
  8. alot of people keep talking about all the injuries but the constant is just bad play and play calling. how many times has the Offence not picked up a critical first down or TD? Eagles, bengals to start how many dropped picks lead to opposing team TD's? or dropped passes lead to ints? and kill drives. how about a bad penalty that killed a drive or extended one on D? all this is happening while DQ watches and he could put a stop to if he wanted. at some point he needs to step in and take over, hold himself, coaches and players accountable and make it known that medicore play will not be tolerated. He doesnt even looked bothered by it all on the sideline
  9. i am not saying fire quinn but something has to change. we are the most predictable team in the league and that does rest on the HC. even with all the injuries we have lost 4 games on last drive or last play. and thats pathetic
  10. they never seem to clean up whats plaguing them. thats on the coaches. it makes you wonder what they do during the week
  11. In 5 years under DQ we Falcons continue to lose for the same reasons. weak and Soft O line and D line (isnt he a D line expert??) how many times do our Dlineman's name never get called? i only heard beasley today. did any others play? poor tackling, dropped picks. lose turnover margin almost every game. and they cannot overcome a penalty, missed tackle the worst clock management in the history of football. no reason to use timeout on that last set of plays.(thats saying something when we had mike smith as HC) dropped passes that almost always seem to get picked off. and poor play calling when it matters most. the SuperBowl was a work in progress two years back. falcons gave up so many big leads in 4th and barely won. we perfected that in the Superbowl and are laughing stock of NFL not only does this team not make in game adjustments, they cant do it game to game or even year to year. the biggest problem i have is the approach. DQ says its not about them its about us. sometimes it is about them. you have to practice against the others teams stengths and weaknesses. i truly believe that many of these games are lost during the week.
  12. that first and goal set of playes tells me all i need about this team. no sense of urgency. soft and weak.. no heart no passion and just dont care
  13. i was optimistic...not now...maybe 7-9 team
  14. i agree. cant catch when ball hits him in the numbers. afraid to tackle, doesnt seem to cover anymore
  15. i forgot about that one.