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  1. He should feel like he was stealing this past season. I want his number hanging from the rafters but not on the field anymore.
  2. Well if I was Albert, I would definately try to get Atlanta and Carolina into a bidding war since neither team can afford to play against him twice a year.
  3. He also dropped a very catchable interception. I'd like a public apology and for hime to donate this years salary to charity cuz he didn't earn it.
  4. He looked like baby on tv last night, when he said he'd like to be back. What a loser and a selfish person. Give it up you are a LIABILITY.
  5. He should come out with a public apology and announce his retirement. I'd respect him then.
  6. Just try to get a job somewhere else.
  7. He needs to be a true Falcon and retire
  8. We need a defense that can get more pressure, not just from one guy. **** we didn't even sack Warner once.
  9. they should make Brooking walk home ,,bump
  10. Brooking needs to be cut, his time here is over.
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