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  1. Don't give a Dam about Cam and his itty bitty wittle feelwings. I hope he doesn't sleep tonight thinking about this game. Cry biatch.
  2. Truth. Dude is big and has great feet too. That don't hurt.
  3. Great throw! Ryan is very confident in making that throw. Tight coverage.
  4. Nice catch by Roddy too. Way to respond to the earlier drop. Nice response by Ryan after the pic. All set up by Michael Turner running hard with good run blocking. Total team effort.
  5. So this turned into a bash ffs70 thread. I'd rather bash the Panthers and their fans. Dude is just passionate about his team. Sometimes fans are too close to the team emotionally. Myself included.
  6. I don't mind Roddy's strong opinions and I like his confidence, however Cruz can always point to the ring. That's just the way it goes.
  7. Looks like an a$$ whooping at home in the dome to me. This team is chomping at the bit. Have you been paying attention? Don't be a wuss.
  8. Loved the segment. Roddy was hilarious. Don't care about the perception of his confidence.
  9. I see a weakness in their QB position. Heck of an athlete but a mental midget at best.
  10. Yawn...the sucky replacement refs are being replaced by a less sucky version but still sucky and biased refs. Back to scripted WWE NFL football. Lets all celebrate.
  11. Lol! **** mmm!!!! Fuking relatively free entertainment! Thanks Man! I feel ya man! Funny Fuking $hit. Fuk it man. Tell em to get off your d'ck.
  12. I missed all if this but got to say you made me laugh out loud! That's some funny $hit.
  13. If you're going to call Goodell then you should call Arthur first. I swear most of the sheep on here no ish about business, power, or control.
  14. Yeah...that sounds familiar. Thx for agreeing. I believe you get it though so no disrespect.
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