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  1. This is an interesting question, I'm not sure yet, let's wait a few more weeks and see.
  2. One guy said Quote: Originally Posted by faithfulfred We've become the Raiders.........finding a way to LOSE The other guy replied and said Just lose, baby!!! __________________ Alex Smith is NOT A 49ER. LMAO
  3. huh? I think Falcons can win whether or not GB has a good running game
  4. You are a good son. Your dad will be in my prayers
  5. Google and you will find it. Edit: find my older posts.
  6. i am surprised the board works. Thanks. I thought that throw was close. White is an elite WR indeed.
  7. there is a site that ****** almost every sports by user. They have all the games most of the time. Not jt. Google how to watch mlb for free and you will see. I believe the site is legal because it never get taken down or anything.
  8. never seen anything as lame as this.
  9. Gonzo makes silly mistakes recently. But at least he is getting some RBI.
  10. hum, who said Glaus was bad :P
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