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  1. This is an interesting question, I'm not sure yet, let's wait a few more weeks and see.
  2. No one wants to win.
  3. At this point any team can beat us. We are that bad.
  4. That is an option. But if you think about it, it makes sense why Dan wants Sark to run Kyle's playbook. Let's say Sark succeeds using Kyle's playbook and he leaves for another job. When they look for a new person to replace him, they will make sure that he can run Kyle's offense. This is important because the players don't have to learn a new offense all over again. Unfortunate, it is not easy to learn someone else's playbook, and we are seeing the result of that. I think that even if the falcons are to run Sark's playbook, it will take them as long to get it right. We will see how this goes.
  5. We need Sarkisian to figure out this offense or else is going down hill from now on.
  6. I thought their offense played well last week. I think we have a better defense. Last week loss was really tough on them so I think they will be ready for the falcons. As for the falcons, I think we will either score very few points and loose or score a lot and win. What do you guys think?
  7. Also, there is no way Sarkisian could learn shanahan's playbook in a season. He might be able to call a few plays here and there, but that is it. I bet that explains why the offense has been struggling to make adjustment. This is my guess. If Dan Quinn believes in Sarkisian enough to hire him then I think he will figure things out. We will have to wait and see.
  8. Great but loosing to the Bills and Dolphins is just really bad. This offense is not working.
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