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  1. Mack, Jarrett, and maybe Julio. The only reason I see Julio potentially not getting in is because of the amount of TD's he has.
  2. If Takk can match Vic's 4 sacks from his rookie year I'll consider that a success. Instant success isn't guaranteed and some of you have yet to realize/learn that... lol
  3. I love Laroy's aggressive play style and he is very fast. I'm sure he'll get some looks against the Patriots, as he did play a decent amount last season. Rotate Laroy, Devondre, and Deion.
  4. Who's got the PFF grades and ratings?
  5. Any given Sunday against Brady at home? Falcons are gonna have to bust their ***** to win.
  6. Julio also has only 1 red zone target... Which is absolutely ridiculous.
  7. Heath Evans is a hater and always will be. Disgusting Saint at heart, lol.
  8. No need for him in our offense in my opinion. Tevin is much better and exactly what we continue to need.
  9. The Falcons obviously want to make Duke a focal point of the defense as time goes on and bringing in Bowman would only disrupt that. Allow Riley to get the snaps and experience necessary. The growing pains will be worth it in the long run; being surrounded by up and coming LB's such as Campbell and Deion will certainly help.
  10. I think it'd be best if they sat Vic another week. Hamstring injuries can be reaggravated extremely easily.
  11. Gotta have one for defense and offense each. Takk has a day and gets 1.5+ sacks. Sanu bounces back with a 60 yard game and Julio has a day with 80+ yards with a TD.
  12. There goes one of my only hopes for fantasy... However, in all seriousness having Money Matt out could be crucial in the grand scheme of things against the Dolphins.
  13. Hamstrings are nothing to mess around with. If not healed properly and taken care of, they can resurface again and again.
  14. Julio deserves way more touchdowns. Coming off this bye, I'm expecting our key players to have breakout games.
  15. Matt's #7 ranking for ESPN's total QBR would justify this. The tipped INT"s changed the course of the game drastically. Both balls should have been caught. It's always easy to say this in hindsight, but the results would have most likely been different had the passes been caught. Link to ESPN's total QBR: http://www.espn.com/nfl/qbr
  16. They just aren't as active as Sanu, Gabriel, or Takk. On Twitter, at least. Julio and Matt post somewhat regularly on instagram.
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