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  1. Of course I'm not talking about his 40 speed or line get-off reaction times. I'm talking about his Insta-story from the weekend. Seems pretty reckless for public roads, no?




    senat 2.jpg

  2. 30 minutes ago, Shnikies said:

    To have a do over on the new uniforms? I cannot fathom being stuck with this garbage for the next 15 years. There has to be something we can do. If enough people voice opposition to this new garbage maybe they will make a change.

    We are the laughing stock of the league right now. 

    I freaking dig them. Can't wait to sport a black Grady jersey. 


  3. 17 minutes ago, TheFatboi said:

    Because he knows this is his last payday. Most only get one and when you’re as good as him you can get 2. He can ride into the sunset now. Ppl forget, Julio was that 1st class that had the rookie cap on money. So he didn’t come into the league with that huge 1st round money that so many before him received. 

    Great point. I had completely forgotten that was a thing.

  4. 4 hours ago, FalconAge said:

    This team is downright goofy when it comes to maintaining negotiating position in public. So it isn't just Arthur Blank I guess.

    And am I wrong for thinking that bad things happen when you have as many players as we do in the top 5 salary of their positions?

    If this gets done, we will have to gut the middle of our roster. We will be just about the most top heavy team in recent NFL history.

    Just like we experimented with having a college coach with no real NFL background run another man's playbook, we will be experimenting with putting all of our  championship eggs in a 4 person basket....

    Couldn't agree more. But, you have to give TD and the FO credit for successfully drafting us into this issue. I'm willing to bet it's an issue the majority of other teams would love to be in.

  5. ZERO passes defended, too. :o


    Rk    Player                   Team  Pos   Comb   Total   Ast    Sck    SFTY    PDef    Int    TDs    Yds    Lng    FF    Rec    TD
    62    Desmond Trufant   ATL     CB     66         55       11       1.0     0         0          0     0         -        -        0      0        0                    
    109  Robert Alford          ATL     CB    49          42        7       0.0      0         0          0     0         -        -        0      0        0                
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