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  1. Step away from what you are smoking and realize it is his first game with the team.
  2. I agree with you, two of my Aunts are huge Saints fans and I am happy for them and plus my cousins elder grandmother is also a Saints fan so even though I am a die hard falcon fan, I got respect for the non trash talking Saints fans!!
  3. I rooted for them to beat the Vikings, that was only because I hate the Vikings and any NFC South team that can beat them in a NFC Championship game is cool to me, because Vikings fans think they are the stuff up here and since they hated on me being a falcons fan during the bad years, it is payback time hahaha
  4. I was rooting for the Saints tonight against the Vikings, because I live in Vikings country and hate the Vikings with a passion. I think the Colts will win the Super Bowl too, but calling a fellow fan a moron for rooting for the Saints is too much. You guys need to chill, acting like the Saints are like Osama Bin Laden and other terrorist shoot.
  5. If you go to jail over a stupid football game then you deserve to be in jail. I am a falcons fan, but getting mad over the Saints winning like that is over the top
  6. I will root for you guys on;y because I hate the Vikings with a passion and since I live in Minnesota, all I hear is BOUT THEM AND THE PRIMA DONNA Favre. I hope he looks like a fool with his pants on the ground. I think the Colts will beat yall in the superbowl, but I will root for yall this weekend. We will get you guys next season, but for now bring another championship home to the NFC South.
  7. Even though I am not a big fan of Keith anymore, I think there is some legitimacy to that. The Vikings are like bullies sometimes, but kinda agree with Pat on this is a playoff game. Although I hope the Saints blow out the Vikes and run up the score and do a big suck it to Pat Williams and the rest of the Vikings, hahahahaha. I live in Minnesota and as a Falcon fan, the Vikes fans talk trash like why didn't Atlanta make the playoffs and all that. I hate when they win because then Vikes fans are like nobody can beat us until they get their butts handed to them and then they are depressed which
  8. they are not like the vikequeens though, no other team can match them in finding ways to lose, hahaha
  9. I gave you a minus one just because I hate the Vikequeens too, but saying go bears is agreeing with that superfan from Chicago lol
  10. Just be quiet, watch and enjoy the rest of the game!!
  11. haha we beat their butts in the 98 championship game, haha, they still have not got over it, we took their pride that day. its no longer purple pride, it is just purple lol
  12. I would not be surprised if the Cardinals represent the NFC in the superbowl. Your all cocky about this season, but we will see who is flying high next season. It must be nice not to have hit the injury bug like we have this year.
  13. um if we win out and the giants go 9-7 and the cowboys drop three, their tiebreakers will not matter.
  14. Cowboys are going into their December slide and might miss the playoffs because of it.New York may not make it either, they were lucky they got the Cowboys in December, haha. The Eagles will be the NFC East champs so their head to head tie breaker over us will not matter. I think we have a better record then either Dallas or the Giants at the end, and or maybe the Packers. I laugh at all the negativity around here. Real fans should be optimistic until we are officially eliminated. Come on yall!!
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