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  1. Dang, you may have got me with that site lol. So basically we need the Browns and Jags to win 1 more if he Falcons lose out to be three. Dang SOS!
  2. Well we will just have to see after the late games and see what spot they have when this day is finished.
  3. Well look at the current records and they are still in the third spot right now
  4. Your welcome, just have to keep my fellow fans in the south updated before yall lose your minds lol
  5. Why are you guys and girls are arguing about the draft pick and winning or losing a game you might want to realize something! Thy won today but because my hometown team beating the Eagles, the Falcons stayed in the third spot. If you don't believe m, look up www.playoffstatus.com and click on the draft order. It was updated after the early games
  6. I hate to say it but you are being a little drama queen. Chill out!!
  7. I think we are a lock for thewildcard. I think Bears lose to the Packers and there are tie breakers over the rest of the teams. So I think they can lose both(they won't) and still make the playoffs.
  8. Have been watching all the vikequeen fans leave the dome early from my apartment. haha I told people up here not to be paying to see these guys.
  9. Wait until they update the standings and Atlanta will be back in the 6 seed slot, dang
  10. Yes I love that you said this, it is good to see another fan on this board that understands this!!
  11. I agree these fair weather fans are like girls during that time of the month. Also some could be bi polar bandwagon fans to.
  12. Step away from what you are smoking and realize it is his first game with the team.
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