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  1. To funny SIMPLE, Prime Time is rich, how about you.
  2. Got to go, see you guys later. Go FALCONS-RANGER
  3. So kirbyr, how did you become an expert on fags, I'm sure the board would like to know, do tell-RANGER
  4. bandwagon, been a Falcon fan for years. Prime time days
  5. Hey Ranger answer me this. If Flacco is so great why did he consistently throw into double and triple coverage? Why are you talking about Flacco, nothing to do with my post?
  6. WOW, over 8,000 post, are you a NERD get a life! Maybe you should take your own advice and kill yourself.-RANGER
  7. lol You're a idiot -- Did you mean You're an idiot, idiot
  8. If you watched the game, wouldn't you agree the kid blew the game by throwing to the wrong team twice
  9. The kid was one and out in his first playoff game, who give a **** about a record.
  10. The kid was one and out, major improvement needed
  11. Ryan has targeted one specific part of his game to improve upon in the offseason. “The big thing for me is to continue to improve in the decision-making process — make better decisions, make quicker decisions,” he said.
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