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  1. alot of people getting antsy. Almost draft time, alot riding, and still along way to go till football season. I see alot more posters around.
  2. i was going to say it must have been peaceful here the last couple days, but reading some of the posts looks like the bucs and you saint fans have been slugging it out. Man O man the things i miss.
  3. what happened to WhenFalconsWin? He isnt the last poster for the last couple days. He get banned??
  4. its so much calmer here at night. Great post, hard point to argue against.
  5. LOL i am outed. my girl learned football so quick when we met, i sent her an email, heres the link she sent me explaining the positions and what they do., hope it helps in understanding who is who on the feild. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_football_positions
  6. maybe trying out for a school football team? Not sure of ya'lls situation, but i learned alot actually playing. Goodluck, glad to have some more falcon fans. the c.i.a. has a kids page, i have no idea why the falcons cant make one. Its a thought. if he ever gets into spying, send him here https://www.cia.gov/kids-page/
  7. its nice when people get confused, especially about YKW, who i guess does belong in TATF and not ABF, technically. Though IMHO i could do without it,
  8. he was fun to watch..fine, i get that, i loved to watch him to. but, so is Micheal turner. so is ryan...etc. plus they are better role models for my kids. If he learned his lesson and remorsful and all that crap than i wish him well. but he lied to the nfl, our team, and he lied to us fans. so do i want him back? NO. i dont, i dont care for him. Im not one of those to tell you not to like the guy, or not cheer for him if he goes to a new team, but really, leave it out of here
  9. i agree, anyone else and they would be getting jail time. these guys have to learn, dogs, shooting themselves, running over people. athletes need to realize they are not immune.
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