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  1. I am just re-stating what ESPN had. Ryan's play has faltered and he is more cautious throwing downfield, has gotten sacked more, thrown more INTs and is being pinned in the endzone for safeties by one of the worst defenses in the NFL, Arizona. The Falcons' success in regards to wins goes to NFL MVP candidate Michael Turner, he has been the saving grace in all of this. Good thing Blank finally got rid of Warrick Dunn, because it would be really messy for Matt Ryan's progress. Ryan's accuracy beyond 10 yards has been shaky in recent weeks and the ARZ game gives us the evidence. Carson Palmer, Matt Hasselback and Jon Kitna had their 'moment' in the sun. So has Bobby Herbert, but they have been more on the losing end than the winning end. Will Ryan follow down this dubious path? I wish the best Mr. Ryan, but ESPN's Next Level is just stating the obvious. Will this spill into the 2009 season? Can Ryan habdle the expectations or fold like a cheap chair?
  2. No, I am not a hack. The Peyton Manning comparisons are ridiculous. Ryan hasn't even passed the modest benchmarks of the winningest QB in Falcon history in one Michael Vick. And there will be MORE pressure on Ryan when Vick comes back into the league with a new team. Many like yourself had predicted Vick would still be in jail well into his 30's and his career would be over or that he would be tripped up on state charges. WRONG. Tony Romo and Matt Ryan late season collapses and erratic play are more in line for a fairer comparison.
  3. We have seen Ryan be more apprehensive, cautious or SCARED to throw the ball downfield and teams are beginning to sense it too and it is beginning to show up in Mr. Ryan's play. All dressed up and nowhere to go in the pocket, and we see a surge in fumbles, INTs, more incompleted passes and now safeties in the end zone. Good thing Mr. Blank kicked Warrick Dunn to the curb, and got Turner in here, because it would have been a 3 or 4 win season . Falcon management wouldn't support Vick with a franchise RB and even with Ryan given weapons, he still struggles at times and it seems the struggles have increased as we entered December and playoff season. ESPN NEXT LEVEL stats 23 of 29 completed passes were for LESS THAN 10 yards... (that's Harrington-like) YOU CAN"T DENY THIS 3 of the 11 passes completed went for MORE THAN 10 yards..PASSER RATING--3.. ****, can young Matt read defenses?..Tarvaris Jackson threw FOUR TD passes against this defense...three weeks ago..
  4. Ryan is a competent game manager like Bobby Hebert used to be for the Saints. Ryan will learn some things from his rookie year, but will it translate into being a real franchise QB..time will tell..
  5. A lot of smart people picked the Falcons to win, and today they look STUPID.. When pressured, Matt's decision-making is compromised...and the teams truggles. Michael Turner can't bail him every week..
  6. Didn't Vick beat the great Favre in snow on the road in GREEN BAY? I heard that was the first time that anyone had beaten Green Bay up to that point... And I don't think Vick had turned the ball over either in his FIRST playoff game..
  7. Three sacks. Another fumble. Safety. And two INTs. Against Arizona? This was supposed to be an relatively easy win against an inferior opponent who has problems on the defensive side of the ball. At least beat Arizona...everybody else the last couple of weeks. Tavaris Jackson came to Arizona threw for 4 TDs against this SAME BAD DEFENSE.. Tarvaris was able to read ARZ's defense, why not Matt?
  8. Hopefully, he will continue to get better. However, the possibility of Mike Mularkey leaving may have an adverse affect on Ryan's progress as a QB. It seems that Matt was very hestitant to throw the ball downfield at times. Maybe because he has been turnover prone lately. His INT rate has crept up over the last quarter of the season, and Arizona was able to put consistent defensive pressure on Ryan. The Cardinal defense was supposed to be Ryan's playground, but it seems Matt struggled with the pressure.
  9. LOL. That confirms it. Jamaal takes the crown. Worst defensive draft choice EVER. I predicted this the moment he was drafted.
  10. Cleveland had a 10 win season last year, Jacksonville made the playoff last year and their GMs were let go..Shanahan in Denver got axed after years of inconsistent drafts. Whether its McKay or young Dimitroff, they aren't exempt from getting fired or reassigned for making bad decisions.
  11. McKay's last big pick has really personified his tenure here in Atlanta. A draft pick that he didn't personally workout prior to the draft has really come back to haunt him. McKay can't hurt the Falcons anymore, and now he is apparently trying to con the Cleveland Browns into giving him a GM job. I hope Cleveland don't fall for McKay's antics.
  12. Coincidence or A real problem? Falcons RB Turner involved in domestic dispute By GEORGE HENRY – 2 days ago ATLANTA (AP) — Atlanta Falcons running back Michael Turner was involved in a "domestic dispute" Monday night with the mother of his infant child, Gwinnett County Police Corp. David Schiralli said. Schiralli said police responded to a call between 7 and 8 p.m. EST Monday, but he would not identify the woman or the site of the incident. Falcons' Babineaux faces felony animal abuse charge February 20, 2007, 9:40 AM ET LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. -- Atlanta Falcons defensive lineman Jonathan Babineaux was released on bail Monday following his arrest by Gwinnett County police on a felony count of animal abuse. Gwinnett County police have told TV-11 Alive in Atlanta that a dog in Babineaux's care died and that they believe he was somehow involved in its death. Boley arrested in Georgia LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. May 6 2008– Gwinnett County police said Atlanta Falcons Linebacker Michael Boley was arrested over the weekend on a Domestic Violence Battery charge. According to officials, a preliminary investigation indicated that a verbal argument ensued between Boley and his wife. According to his wife, Boley became physical with her. After the responding officers spoke with the Boleys about what happened, the officer had enough probable cause to arrest Michael Boley for Battery and determined that he was the primary aggressor.
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