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  1. PFT just posted he'd be fine from other sources than Smith.
  2. I'd say nothing would be wrong with that if both were consenting (incest). Its wrong to practice polygamy because of HOW its practiced, which is usually one man using cult like tactics to enslave women. If polygamy was an equal practice it probably wouldn't be a taboo.
  3. But polygamy is aok according to the Bible. In fact, marriage between two consenting adults isn't the only way to get married in the bible. You also have one man many women, one man and woman he raped and one man and the slave he took in war.
  4. They don't have a good defense. Its meh at best. Secondary is nothing aside from Bailey. We'll be able to burn them.
  5. To put the contract in perspective, Davin Joseph got 7 years, 53 million. So that was probably the problem. Bucs drove his value up with that contract on just an above average guard.
  6. I think this says what Dimitroff thinks of what Blalock means to our pass blocking.
  7. 6 million a year isn't that bad. Thats about right for a good guard who's only 27. Jahri Evans got 8 million a year a year ago.
  8. The Johnson vs. Reynolds battle will be fun to watch.
  9. If we bring back Blaylock, the RG competition will be fun to watch.
  10. I'd like McClain but I'd figure he'd take a bigger salary than Snelling to get.
  11. Um, the Divine report was a error by the press. Not the Falcons. We can talk to all free agents now. They just can't sign by Friday. We missed out on Charles Johnson. Thats just one free agent. We'll sign someone else. Move on.
  12. WE'RE NOT SIGNING A BIG NAME CB PEOPLE. GET THE **** OVER IT. We might sign a nickel like Chris Carr or Drayton Florence, but Aso and JJ aren't coming here. STOP TALKING ABOUT IT!
  13. Grimes will be a Falcon this year regardless. No need to resign him, he's a restricted free agent. We can use the money saved by TG retiring and Abraham's current deal expiring after this year to sign him.
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