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  1. Dye Hard Card, *carolinahuddle.com* Bring your ego with you.
  2. Such a hater...for a city. Wow, were you robbed in 4th Ward or something? Did a girl turn you down at The Penguin? My God, man. I know your Dirty Birds just got their *** kicked out of the Playoffs and you're crying like a girl, but why are you taking it out on a town? BTW, Cincinnati also calls themselves the Queen City. Don't know which came first. So move there and continue your ***** fest.
  3. Can't you transfer to NYC? Are you with BOA or Wach...I mean, Wells Fargo? Just move, man. I need a job bad haha, give me yours. You can...hmm...live with my aunt in NYC and become a Jets fan.
  4. Next season is going to be wild for all of us. I mean, it's hard to say how hard a schedule will be right now...but if that's all we have to go on...we'll all be lucky to be 9-7. "Brutal" schedules next year for the South.
  5. The whole "you should get an automatic bid to the Playoffs if you win your division, but not guaranteed homefield" argument is just silly! What if you have one of the TOUGHEST schedules all year and finish 9-7...but a team in another division has the easiest and they finish 12-4...then YOU have to go on the road to play them (oh, did I mention they didn't even win their division?)...and you lose. Then you'll cry foul saying their schedule was too soft and YOU deserved the home game for winning in your tough division. You can't win this rule argument any way you look at it unless you abolish di
  6. Here's one from a non-Falcons, non-Cards fan. I think they go up early by 10 or 14 and the pressure finally gets to Ryan. You guys lose on the road, where he's not as good in a crazy shoot out game. Coming up with a score is silly, but you both score over 28. You may say my opinion comes from the fact we're rivals, and you'd be right, just as yours is marked by a bit of homerism. I'm very very impressed with Ryan and really really don't want to see him twice a year, but I think he and Flacco will crumble to the pressure in the Playoffs. Now...if Turner can have a MONSTER game, you guys may be
  7. Nose...and by a midget who has more talent than anyone on your team, yes. :P
  8. Yours are pretty good, no doubt. I can't stand ours. My favorites would be the Bears away uniforms though. White tops, dark pants, with the orange pinstripe. Pretty **** sweet.
  9. Yes, Falcons, please sign him...so Steve Smith can burn that old man to the ground. Better yet, take Ken Lucas off our **** hands PLEASE. Really though, Champ? Isn't he like 56?
  10. This. That's what I was saying earlier. The Iggles are simply ESPN's hot choice right now and everyone is buying into it. They aren't that good and we won't know if they're peaking at the right time until the Viqueens game. As a Panthers fan, I'd love to see the Eagles...but haha only because that means they've beaten the Giants and given us another home Playoff game.
  11. I know he's faced tough pressure all year and you guys definitely have a Hall of Famer on your hands...but it will be interesting to see how he does in the Playoffs. One-and-You're-Done is a whole other level of pressure. But you have to give the kid props (Flacco too).
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