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  1. Honestly, I don’t think we matchup well with Florida on offense. They have good enough corners to man up on our receivers and stack the box against the run. I know that Florida’s defense isn’t great against the run, but they’ll play aggressive and bring numbers, and I’m not convinced we have the play calling to take advantage. Also, I’ve been very frustrated watching our run game this season; no counters, no toss plays, no stretch runs, really just dive plays behind zone blocking. I know Coley says, “players, not plays” but, you know, how about both? Our defense will need to make some plays. Hoping for the best but ready for the worst.
  2. Pretty sure we would have more than ten points on the board with Fields right now, but keep being bitter. Georgia ****** up, nothing else to say. Our vanilla offense is inept, at least a dual threat QB could give the defense something else to worry about.
  3. This is exactly like the Texas game last year. Except against a far worse opponent.
  4. Run up the middle. Run up the middle.
  5. I have no idea why Shaffer was even starting.
  6. He’s looking kind of great at Ohio State.
  7. I have been a Fromm apologist forever, but Fields would have been better in this offense. If we had a running option at QB, those read options would be more than just handoffs.
  8. I know our receivers have struggled to get separation, but I’m not impressed with Coley. There has to be more creative ways to get our playmakers into space.
  9. 41-10.
  10. Bigsby announcing his commitment date today might not be a coincidence. If Evans is on board, I’m sure the staff has informed Bigsby that he isn’t a take, leading to his impending Auburn commitment. I have to assume that the staff told Evans that they didn’t have the luxury to wait on him during his last visit, and maybe that prompted him to pull the trigger. I’m just spitballing, maybe Tank is commuting to us on Friday, I’d be more than fine with that.
  11. This. It’s difficult to find highly-rated quarterback recruits who are comfortable with not playing, or even waiting 2-3 years for a chance to start. The problem seems to begin when you recruit elite QB prospects exclusively, bringing in one/year, and then you’re a transfer/injury away from serious depth issues. Might not hurt to bring in a high-upside quarterback with every other class to complement the higher rated guy. Probably won’t expect playing time, and will be more likely to provide depth and stick around all four seasons. Similar to Joe Cox, I guess.
  12. Yeah, and it’s equally dumb. Again, not a political thing, it’s just dumb and it literally makes me cringe every time I see it - but to each their own.
  13. I may be alone here, but does it bother anyone else how dawg fans on the 247 board (and maybe on here, haven’t checked) refer to Florida as the “Gayturds”? It’s just a very lame insult - not clever or really even funny, it’s like something a child would come up with. I don’t even care that it mildly homophobic, it’s just really dumb, and I hate Florida as much as anyone.
  14. I know that Kevin Wilson probably isn’t a realistic option, but he checks every box for what I imagine we as a fan base are looking for. I’m also not completely against Eddie Gran, I know his Kentucky offenses have been unremarkable, but they’ve had very little talent at QB during his tenure. Feels like he’s done a lot with a little. I think simply promoting Coley to OC could be a big mistake.
  15. Well, this is frustrating.
  16. So is it official now that Fields is transferring? So much misinformation out there.
  17. I don’t think so, but the guys on 247 are talking as if it’s a done deal.
  18. I don’t want to disrespect our players, who are all DGD’s, but Natrez Patrick is not very good.
  19. I was there for that, I think it was Tra Battle who either blew a coverage or was sent on a safety blitz on a 4th and long play - very reminiscent of the ending of the 2013 game. Georgia has definitely had the psychological edge in the series for quite some time. Here's another fun fact; in five of the last eight meetings between Georgia and Auburn, Auburn has scored seven or fewer points against us. Really interested to see how Auburn fairs next season when their stellar d-line and Stidham leave. Probably Gus' last season if he makes it through the end of this season, not much to look forward to in my estimation.
  20. Seems like Cox has been playing meaningful snaps all season, kind of disappointed that Beal hasn't been able to break into rotation yet, but he's made some plays here and there. I'm completely in favor of letting some of the younger guys get out there, even if it means making mistakes, because Patrick and Taylor have been making plenty of those anyway. Seems like our front seven has been pushed around all season - if Jordan Davis had never emerged, I would be scared for our d-line against almost anyone. Also, I really hope that Webb can get some snaps at star, McGhee has had some big moments, but he's just such a liability sometimes. Bottom line: If our linebackers are going to constantly play out of position and fail to get off blocks, it might as well be the younger, more talented players who have room to grow and learn. Patrick and Taylor are straight up liabilities out there, and we need to rotate between Rice, Crowder, Tindall, and Walker - as well as getting Adam Anderson more meaningful snaps in the Lorenzo Carter position - maybe even try Otis Reese in that spot as well if we can't get him in the game at Safety.
  21. Florida players generally seem entitled as ****, I know a lot of them grew up during the Tebow years, but all of the talk prior to the game last season was hilarious considering how inept that Gator teams was. Now all of the talking this year after a 19 point loss is just absurd - their claim is that they have the better team but they lost because they didn't execute and turned the ball over, well that's part of the game, good teams execute and don't turn the ball over. Ridiculous. Mullen seems content letting his players do or say whatever they want though, which isn't surprising considering the way he handled his players at State (Jefferey Simmons). I'm just glad that Kirby has put the lid on that kind of nonsense, I'd be seriously annoyed if our players were saying stuff like that after the LSU game.