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  1. Defense has been disappointing this year, ngl. Atleast the offense has an excuse, defense should have the players and depth to get more consistent pressure and not have so many busts in coverage. Wish we could find Muschamp a spot in the staff.
  2. Here’s my problem; if Kirby is going to handcuff the offense again, there is literally no upside to starting Stetson Bennett. Surely Mathis (or JT Daniels) can hand the ball off just as well as Bennett, but also have the added luxury of being able to throw over the middle without constantly having their passes batted down or intercepted at the LOS. Seriously, why not let the QBs who aren’t so physically limited hand the ball off up the gut every play? B3cause Kirby and the team like Bennett? Not good enough. You know, I’ve been forgiving of Kirbys mismanagement of the QB position. I always tell myself, “I don’t see them practice, I’m not a football coach, etc.) but eventually the lapses in logic become so large that I have no choice but to be concerned, not to mention watching Fields absolutely kill it at Ohio State - what could have been in competent hands. Maybe we’re trying not to show much for Florida, or maybe this is just what we have on offense. It’s disheartening as a fan though. It’s hard to believe that the things that are so obvious to us (mis-used talent, bad QB management, bad talent evaluation, lack of development at skill positions) isn’t also obvious to Kirby, which means he’s either unable or unwilling to switch things up.
  3. Has anyone heard much about Monken since his hiring 6 months ago? I know a lot of this is kept under wraps, but I haven’t heard much about what the offense might look like, or what he’s doing for us in recruiting. Really excited about him being in Athens, seems very elusive so far.
  4. So Fromm left early to be a day three pick, sheesh. I know that he had more favorable projections at the time, but I was surprised he decided to leave early. Ultimately it might benefit us if Newman lives up to the hype, but you hate to see Fromm slide so far.
  5. Dell is our designated hitter. I remember when people considered him to be Kirby’s most questionable original hire. Turned out to be the best. Hope he’s here forever, because I think he would absolutely tear it up as the head man at Auburn.
  6. Grown men making twitter accounts like those makes me cringe. I can barely take myself seriously being so invested in college football, but that is a whole different level of strange.
  7. Seems as if all of the Evans to UGA talk stems from the lack of any other contenders being talked about. Wouldn’t surprise me if he jumps on with LSU, A&M, or Tennessee out of nowhere. I think Kirby still has one foot in, as you should with any recruit that talented, but now we’re in the 13th hour and can’t afford to get burned again. I never really believed the rumors that we refused to take his LOI because of his off-the-field issues, but that would be a better narrative for sure. I’m pretty sure Evans doesn’t even know where he wants to go at this point. Kid is all over the place. Still holding out hope because of his talent, but also kind of regretting that we didn’t go all-in on Milton/Bigsby. Also, I’m not so sure the Evans drama only ends once he’s on campus. Might be unfair to say he has Antonio Brown syndrome, but he sure does carry around a lot of drama for a high school kid.
  8. Exactly. If we do frequently run Newman, which we should, we’re one tackle or awkward step away from a potential disaster at that position. Mathis is still up in the air, Stetson isn’t a D-1 quarterback, and I doubt that Beck will come in with the same level of preparation and aptitude that Fromm did. Seems like that scholarship would clearly be more valuable for another quarterback - but I like contingency plans.
  9. Monken was the perfect hire. Experience, leadership, success at every level, and innovative/creative play calling all rolled into one. He checks all the boxes, and I can’t think of another available coordinator with a comparable resume off the top of my head. I hope Coley can retain the co-offensive coordinator role, because I still think he plays an important role in game planning and recruiting, but he was inept at adjusting and creativity. Now we just need to bring Brice in to compete with Newman and we’ll have had an almost perfect start to the offseason.
  10. I like Newman as a stop gap between Fromm and Beck/Mathis/Williams or Vandagriff. I think he’ll be able to be very efficient with all of the talent around him, but I honestly think Costello would be a better option. I know that Costello isn’t an elite runner, but he’s big, somewhat mobile, and has a good arm. Also he actually attacks the middle of the field which is cool to see.
  11. We absolutely need another offensive coach. Still have faith and Kirby, but I’m disappointed that he bet on Fromm and lost big.
  12. I like to think it was a combination of inexperienced receivers, bad play design, and Fromm regressing - not one factor alone. I think, like others have said, that we need to bring in a QB coach/offensive specialist to assist Coley. It’s not like our offense needs to be fundamentally changed, as we’re already running tons of spread concepts, but we definitely need to emphasize player development, execution, and creativity with the play calling. Seems like most of the RPO concepts left with Chaney, which is a shame. When you look at our offensive staff, it’s obvious that recruiting is the focal point, but we don’t have anyone who I would consider to be a great “X’s and O’s” guy, and I think that’s what we need right now for the sake of quality control. Most importantly, we need someone who can specialize in developing a QB, and I don’t think Coley or anyone else on our staff is that guy. Great players can compensate for poor design and coaching, sure, but I hope that we use our vast resources to ensure that we’re getting the most out of our talent. Hopefully Muschamp’s time at Florida (and his current tenure) are an effective cautionary tale.
  13. I don’t mind keeping Coley, but can we also bring in another young up-and-comer to give a second pair of eyes on the offense and it’s development? Brent Dearmon would be first on my list.
  14. Honestly, I don’t think we matchup well with Florida on offense. They have good enough corners to man up on our receivers and stack the box against the run. I know that Florida’s defense isn’t great against the run, but they’ll play aggressive and bring numbers, and I’m not convinced we have the play calling to take advantage. Also, I’ve been very frustrated watching our run game this season; no counters, no toss plays, no stretch runs, really just dive plays behind zone blocking. I know Coley says, “players, not plays” but, you know, how about both? Our defense will need to make some plays. Hoping for the best but ready for the worst.
  15. Pretty sure we would have more than ten points on the board with Fields right now, but keep being bitter. Georgia ****** up, nothing else to say. Our vanilla offense is inept, at least a dual threat QB could give the defense something else to worry about.
  16. This is exactly like the Texas game last year. Except against a far worse opponent.
  17. Run up the middle. Run up the middle.
  18. I have no idea why Shaffer was even starting.
  19. He’s looking kind of great at Ohio State.
  20. I have been a Fromm apologist forever, but Fields would have been better in this offense. If we had a running option at QB, those read options would be more than just handoffs.
  21. I know our receivers have struggled to get separation, but I’m not impressed with Coley. There has to be more creative ways to get our playmakers into space.
  22. Bigsby announcing his commitment date today might not be a coincidence. If Evans is on board, I’m sure the staff has informed Bigsby that he isn’t a take, leading to his impending Auburn commitment. I have to assume that the staff told Evans that they didn’t have the luxury to wait on him during his last visit, and maybe that prompted him to pull the trigger. I’m just spitballing, maybe Tank is commuting to us on Friday, I’d be more than fine with that.
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