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  1. were staying in Dunfermline, just outside Edinburgh about 15 minutes. It's a super cool little town, really enjoying it. yeah it got dark today at like 4pm so that sucks. Heading into Edinburgh tomorrow for new years celebrations, then the countdown to the 3rd at 930pm (local time) is on. thanks for all the help, ive seen plenty of bars around town that carry sky sports, so I should be ok I think. Cheers. GO FALCONS!!
  2. Thanks D-rod, ill see if the sporst bar near here will be showing it, but i know if there is a soccer game on im screwed, so well see. do you know if you can pay for the individual game or whatever on nfl.com?? thanks again, cheers.
  3. Hi, im in Scotland on a family vacation, and I know they will not be showing the game where we are. Is there anywhere i can order the game online and watch?? Wether it be ESPN360 or NBC or something I just have to see the game. Any info would be helpful thanks a lot. GO FALCONS!!!
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