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  1. We'll miss you Kurt. Look forward to playing the Falcos next season. You'll be introduced to a fella named Beanie Wells...
  2. Eagles aren't as scary as the Saints, Vikes or even Colts.
  3. One bad game. He's still an elite QB. From the sounds of some of you sounds like you're still bitter about 3rd & 16...
  4. Thanks for your tremendous insight! You know, it's not required that you click the "add reply" button if you open a thread.... :wacko:
  5. The journalist who uncovered that "nugget" is just regurgitating common NFL-schedule making knowledge: logistical restraints of the Meadowlands + recent Giants success + lots of fans in a large East Coast market = about 5 primetime games, none of which can be at home on MNF... You'll find far more insight into scheduling topics on the forums at this site: www.the506.com
  6. The original one posted in this thread is some logo created by a random dude. The one in this post I quoted is ostensibly the correct one. As for the on posted by the OP of this thread; it's ugly as f**k, totally objectively speaking ( ) How and why do you so many of you like that ugly piece of Arena League trash? Are you 12 years old? I just don't get it; their current uni's and logo are fine; I think I threw up a little when that semi-literate guy posted in this thread about how he told his buddy a while ago that he'd been saying all along that the Lions should change their uni's 'cause th
  7. I'm not getting the logic here: WHY are they supposed to become an NFL powerhouse? Because they have a new, mediocre at best DC?
  8. Yea congrats to PIT, we should've stopped them on the last drive, but it would be nice to know the most important game of the year is at least correctly officiated....
  9. Pit& Atl??? Really? I'm supposed to argue with a dude that "roots" for two teams? **** son, well I guess the Patriots, Lakers, Yankees and Red-Wings are my teams too! Not to mention I ain't takin sh.it from any Pittsburgh fans. Win a game that close, and Congrats, but you got no right to sh.it-talk. Warner and that furious comeback spell anything but domination. You were one toe (Not you actually, REAL Steelers fans, I should say, you know the ones who actually root for only ONE TEAM) away from losing. It might be a Falcons board, but what's this "Same Old Cardinals" nonsense? Last I chec
  10. "Oh well, they are the Cardinals after all?" And may I ask what your team's winning tradition is? Think before you make an ignorant comment; Clancy Pendergast was a Dennis Green guy who's had the defense playing inconsistently all year, not fully up to their potential, and Haley left for an HC job because he did so well.... "Usual season finish"? The one we're we nearly win the Super Bowl and Larry Fitzgerald breaks all of Jerry Rice's postseason receiving records? The one where Kurt Warner throws for 377 yards on the Steelers' Defense? Wow, still replaying 3rd & 16 in your head, you bitte
  11. Tell me about it....Dansby isn't worth top money. His two near-Pro-Bowl caliber years were contract years. Other years he's ha d alot of suspect minor injuries hold him out of a few games along with questions about living up to his (tremendous) potential and his work ethic. Show us more, Karlos.
  12. 1.) Warner isn't leaving for another team. He's said that he'll either retire or come back and ask for a new deal, and the only way he considers going FA is if the Cardinals lowball him (extremelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy unlikely). He's on the record saying all those things + "I want to end my career as an Arizona Cardinal" 2.) No mention of this year's NFC Champs, Clayton? What if Warner comes back? Wow, I wonder if we would even be on that list if we had won the SB....stupid....
  13. A few thoughts based on the last few posts: 1.) I don't think I'll spend my time learning to hate "everything Pittsburgh" from now on. They played a great game, too, and with that drive at the end obviously deserved to win (I think it was one of those deals, were if you played the game in a vacuum 10 times over, we'd win 5 times each). Their non-bandwagon fans seem knowledgeable, and a decent classy bunch from what I saw on our own boards, so I don't think hating them will be an issue for me at least. 2.) Yeah, I really don't care how Pats fans felt last year....3 SBs in how many years? Cheati
  14. Hah, thanks for that Slick Nick, and Gritblitzer I agree about Warner and thanks for the props, and I love the avatar! Lou Dog, I'm already feeling like that...been queasy all day...
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