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  1. I love Toilolo's size. He should be a read zone beast. How do you stop the Falcons red zone package with double TE sets, Julio and Roddy on the edges and SJax in the back field? I'm looking forward to this season almost as much as any other.
  2. I would love to see Urlacher in a Falcons uniform. He would bring a certain level of leadership to the defense. Like Ray Lewis, Brian has basically seen it all and could help groom into a better player. I love the move if it happens
  3. Sam Baker needs to be released now. He's not an option at Guard, Tackle or Waterboy. He was by far one of the worst draft choices in years. There were huge questions about him coming out of USC before the Carpetbagger decided to give away a draft pick to move up and get him. Makes no sense. Sam Baker simply can't play. I really don't think Blalock can play but he's at least much better than Baker. The O-line is worthless. Time to move on. The defensive line is somewhat of a joke as well... You draft Corey Peters in the 3rd round really?. Aaron Hernandez was there for the picking. The
  4. Is that the biggest bunch of B/S ever stated in an interview. I love Julio but drafting him wasn't needs based. Don't get me wrong, I think Julio will be one of the best receivers in the league. But was it really need based. We need an O and D line. We need corners and a free safety. We need another play maker at linebacker. What do you have? SMOKE AND MIRRORS. TD with his extensive vocabulary is no more than a professional carpetbagger. Please build a solid team with real football players. I don't care if you draft a guy that has some questionable back ground. Try not to pass on th
  5. Today's playoff games featured some hard nosed performances by each teams offensive and defensive line. Look at what Nada did for B-More or Vince W's performance for the Pats. You then look at the Giants offensive and defensive lines. San Fran's O and D lines. It all starts of up front. If Thomas D can't see that then he needs to be fired. I was so upset when we traded up for Sam Baker. I knew that guy couldn't play when he was drafted and it goes to prove it. San Fran was smart to draft to O linemen in the same draft with high draft picks. It's paying off for them. They drafted tough
  6. Matt, while a very good QB, he is not at the elite level. I think criticism of any player by a fan is legitimate. Right now Matt is 0 - 3 in the playoffs. Until he changes that, he will and deserves to be criticized. It's part of the deal. I personally think Matt is going to be one of the better QB's in the league. I don't think he has the potential of a Cam Newton but he has potential. My biggest complaint with Matt is that he does not show that fire to compete in tough games like a Brady or Brees does. Did anyone see Brady talking smack to Ray Lewis today? That's what I want out of
  7. When you are unable to move the ball 2 inches on a critical play. When your pass rush is nonexistent When your QB doesn't have time to set up and deliver a pass down field. When you are getting gassed off tackle When you have a dominant back and you cannot create a small crease for him When your first round draft choice gets man handled by opposing defensive lines When you think you are better than you really are It's time to do something about it. Tyson Clabo is not very good. Sam Baker is horrible. Justin Blaylock is not very good. Babs is ok. Jerry is a joke, Edwards was a waste of ti
  8. Why would I be fired. I think moving players while you can still get value for them is key. Finding a solid defensive end is very hard so you keep those guys. Otherwise I think having draft picks coupled with free agents, the Falcons could be in the Superbowl next year.
  9. I my world I'm the Falcons GM for a month. I would trade Roddy, Turner and Robinson while you can get value for them. (draft picks only) I would resign Abe as soon as possible before the market became to expensive. I would sign Igor Olshansky to help Abe on the other side(high motor guy). I would move Ray inside at tackle on passing situations(see the Giants) I would resign Brent Grimes. I would do everything I could to sign Carl Nicks and Demetrius Bell. I would release Sam Baker,Jerry, Peterson, Schillinger, Decoud, Kelly and a few others. I would sign Vincent Jackson, Brandon Lloyd and res
  10. Brandon Marshall (born March 23, 1984), nicknamed "The Beast Marshall is known for his ability to break and dodge tackles.[6] He led all NFL wide receivers in yards after first contact for the 2007 NFL season.[5] Regarding Marshall's breakaway ability, Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Brandon Flowers said, "Brandon Marshall is a defensive lineman playing wide receiver. He wants to inflict punishment on you. He wants you to try to tackle him so he can shove you off of him and get more yards."[6] Oakland Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha said Marshall is "the toughest guy to bring down, one-on-one
  11. I'm going to push the Brandon Marshall thing until you guys see the value. Proven 25 year receiver ready to go. Why waste time on a unproven guy? Brandon for 19th pick
  12. Forget Austin. I pray that TD gives up the 19th pick for Brandon Marshall...He's 25 and has all his issues behind him.. He's ready to ball...
  13. He's actually not a bad guy. He made a few mistakes but I'd be willing to bet that any team that get Brandon will get a great team make and a high character guy.
  14. I say the Falcons should trade the 19th overall pick in the 2010 draft and sign Brandon Marshall to a long term deal. Can you imagine the Falcons with Roddy and Brandon on the same field? You get Harry Douglas back playing the slot and don't even mention Tony G and Mike Turner. The offense makes your defense so much better because teams will have to pass to keep up with the Falcons scoring machine. Abe and Sid or Beerman could go off. I live in Denver, but bleed red and black. I've seen what B Marsh can do. He is worth the 19 pick... Even better toss in Mike Jenkins and offer next year's sec
  15. Not trying to start a race war here, just simply pointing out what I think is perception. If Tebow was black and with his limited skill set as a passer, he would not get consideration as an NFL QB. I understand that many other white QB's were asked (forced) to play other positions. Why does Tebow get a pass? He's not a QB.
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