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  1. This is why the Falcons can't tank.... even when they try to tank the other team plays like @ss. They are giving LV the game on a platter
  2. If take Matt Patricia... not every successful coach can be a HC.. I like his style for defense.
  3. Next time you comment on a post try not being so vague.. your comment about mobile QB being stale and proven false, is and was a point that is 15 years old... you hinted towards it by not giving any type of statistical fact to my opinionated comment.... maybe I should've elaborated my comment better for you....
  4. Any thought of "hiring within" should be thrown out the window at this point.... the team needs a complete overhaul... new GM,HC, DC, OC, OLC,DBC,WRC... yall get the point... there needs to be 0 loyalty from coaches to players... 😖 sorry not sorry
  5. Mobile doesn't mean you have to be Mike vick smart guy.... you just have to.be able to move....
  6. Get rid of matt Ryan. Hes not mobile.... 2021 and beyond you have to 60/40 mobile to be successful in the nfl Matt is 95/5
  7. Is no one pissed on the sideline.... can someone get these bums fired up
  8. I dont hate much.... the saints I hate , and DK I hate just a tad less than the saints....
  9. If I were a free agent RB, I would not sign on a DK oc team.... the guy can not coach a running game at all
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