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  1. A potential late 2nd..... shoulda made it conditional if they make playoffs or something to a 1st
  2. Regardless who's the team that's at the forefront, The 49ers have been linked, and very highly to the JJ trade... at this point it's musical chairs. I just don't wanna see him in a 49ers uniform because of Kyle!!
  3. I'm not sure but apparently they are the ones who mostly connected to a trade...
  4. If the falcons trade JJ to the 49ers I will hate this front office forever!! I never want to see Kyle shannahan have the opportunity to win a superbowl EVER!!!!!!
  5. Good chance to be 5-0 @ the bye with that schedule!!
  6. Everyone is concerned about next year... I bet the cap goes up huge next season.... restructure his contract and let the rise of the future caps take control of our situation. 🤑
  7. Well for what it's worth I love love love thier pick!!! 🤣😅🤣😅
  8. IMHO indont think JJ was as injured as we think... the team was horrible last year and there was no reason to possible seriously really hurt himself... JJ can be out Larry Fitz, the mo ey situation is what it is, but you can't trade a future HOF with years left as an elite player and mentor..
  9. Dimitroff is still sticking it to us... with such terrible signed deals.... arguably the most loved and favorite falcon today on the verge of being traded because of dimitroff, and now a long time Saints personel person whos a Falcon gonna pull the trigger ... I feel like Saints fans are telling Terry "execute order 66" I would be completely crushed if we lose JJ.. when we lost Roddy I hated Shanahan, then we lost Sanu, I hated dimitroff.. if we lose JJ, Terry you better have a Lombardi in our trophy case in no less than 3 years or I will forever hate you.
  10. I wanted us to draft him... guess we are just filling spots at this point...🤪
  11. Welllllllll.... now he will get 12 sacks and we will sign him to a 4 year 100 mill contract extension.. then he will go back to 3 sacks.
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