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  1. Wish I could give u 2
  2. You mad bruh
  3. Hope your post ...... atleast gets 1 like.
  4. Falcons logic... wins final 3 games ...... trades up to get top 3 pick in the draft
  5. Those stats are from the first 7 games. Cousins stats have always been good but he chokes and doesnt win big games.
  6. Stupid move. The problem is cousins. Not the oc. That's the same team as last year with cook healthy
  7. That's a neck mash.....lol
  8. The last pr or kr was when we had Hester right???? That's terrible
  9. I always wonder what a HC job is if you have a OC and DC calling plays.. Bowles and Quinn might not be good HC but better Coordinators.. get a good DC ( Bowles ) to help this good defensive get better. They are young and fast and will have some new young talent to help
  10. I thought MM was a terrible promotion. And as for sark i was completely dissapointed. I would love to see a true DC and true OC coach this team... top 5 pick in round 1 and 2 would bring much need help.
  11. Shhhhhhh...lol
  12. He has operated multiple schemes, both 3-4 and 4-3, and is willing to change schemes completely to fit his personnel. In 2014 Despite losing Karlos Dansby to free agency, Daryl Washington to a season-long drug suspension, Darnell Dockett to an ACL tear, John Abraham to IR, Tyrann Mathieu for a few weeks, etc., Bowles managed to have the fifth best defense by points allowed
  13. One of my favorite falcons, and he has earned his keep, unlike Reed, Vic, Tru ,or Rocky
  14. Todd Bowles is probably gonna get axed on black monday, imho hes not gonna get a other shot at Head coach right away.. he had 2 head coach interview with us in 15'. Think TD, Quinn and AB should make a call???
  15. Dont forget having short arms... we know he loves them short armed linemen