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  1. 6 starters on IR. Wild!!!
  2. $50 bucks says he writes a letter to all players and leaves it in the locker room. Only to sign a coaching job at some struggling SEC Team the next morning!!
  3. Thank God we have kickers!!!!! Sorry Browns fans
  4. Well there you have it!!!!!
  5. With 1 yard to go twice!!!!!!
  6. Wow...... just wow!!!!!
  7. What's sucks. If we were down I have no faith that we will lead a game tying score..... if we are up by 2 scores I ALWAYS have faith the other team will score to tie
  8. I can already see it... td giants, followed by a decent move by us, only to punt with 2:10 left on the clock. With giants scoring with less than 20 sec to tie and send to overtime!!