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  1. https://giphy.com/gifs/memecandy-M9UdxIYiWPktnHeuDM[/img]
  2. Please god no
  3. Is he here for returning duties ???
  4. Do we know of an actual date of release??.. we know April. But April what 1st 9th, 13th...
  5. Am I the only that thought he might've had a lit blunt in his left hand.... i was waiting for it to come in screen...
  6. Julio alone is worth digs and cook
  7. Would trade back and get more picks. Taylor is legit also
  8. Dang bro.... tell us why you really mad tho!!!
  9. Keep that same energy come Nov
  10. He will look more like an absolute idiot when its cured by the summer.. and he uses it to help him win 2020... bet your stance on this will change then!!
  11. If you answer the question it is.... which you still havent done...
  12. Who cares where it originated... did the nba nfl mlb ncaa cancel anything....???
  13. Actually if you read the post its asks do you think the NFL will close the Draft... that counts as football talk!!
  14. You think that's political, but not this epidemic virus... it's been around since the 60's now all of a sudden , with a very important presidential election... where 45 aka President Trump, has completely done things ,the establishment governments around the world, dont want done , covid19 now says... ok I'll just start spreading and affecting people around the world. Out of no where... come on man. This is the most political fear mongering crap I've ever been a witness too