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  1. You're dammed if you do, you're dammed if you don't. Lol.
  2. Full strength vs full strength. Good so when we win we can shut the NFL media nut huggers up
  3. Dude is a clown... and I don't care that we ain't picking up his 5th.. has he ever , since he's been a falcon, made some game/ momentum changing play... nope.
  4. He is a bust... who cares... he's only gonna ball out this year so he can get a big deal elsewhere... thanks for the 4 years but deuces!!!!. Sorry not sorry
  5. We need a punter, got a young kid with a boot....min salary. Nice pick
  6. Exactly!! The team got a little better yesterday, and will get better today!!
  7. I think you completely missed my point... even if you believe he's a 3rd or 4th round talent, he can learn to be a 1st round gem.
  8. so last night I scratched my head.. I was pissed, i thought "isn't this the kid that got throttled by LSU". I immediately thought ... troffed... But you know what, I thought about players I wanted and didn't want in the past. I just knew Vick Beasley was the guy, I knew Darren MCFADDEN was the next AP,. And was blown we took Ryan. I hate to say it but us fans evaluate players by highlights and emotions.. the only person that should be evaluated is TD and DQ.. AJ has the tools to get better, thank God Julio and Ridley are there for him to practice against... Thank God we have vets at safety that will help with the college-to-nfl transition.. Right now he's a Falcon, and he hasn't done anything bad in that uniform, so .........#THATSmyCB
  9. In true falcons form... win last three games, wouldve been in top 5, to trade up into top 5 Only to lose valuable future picks.
  10. 1.I wanted us to draft Darren McFadden over matt Ryan in 08 2. I wanted Rex Ryan over dan quinn 3. I still want us to trade up for Chase!!
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