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  1. we have to take advantage of him being out.....https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/drew-brees-reportedly-dealing-with-a-ligament-injury-to-throwing-thumb-surgery-remains-an-option/ 6 weeks out for Brees
  2. good night everyone
  3. been here before...... too much time and we are the falcons..... KISS the BABY
  4. kiss the baby we were up 17-6. and will give up 14 unanswered
  5. Soooooo what was Freemans Mins??
  6. BLOCKED PUNT, 2 interception, and a fumble.... im don't this is lame...
  7. WHY DO YOU BUNCH EVERYONE IN THE MIDDLE........TO RUN UP THE MIDDLE!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  8. omg ive been saying this for years..... 21-0 us up and id put money we would lose or win at the last sec.... 21-0 us losing. i turn the TV off cause im done and know they won't come back.... just reality
  9. neal did the same thing to reed... get flagged and fined ... gage clear helmet to helmet nothing!!
  10. our Super Bowl window is getting slammed shut... its unreal
  11. ANNNNNNNND im done watching football for the day.... see y'all next week!!
  12. thats the play John Gruden always get made fun of, for calling!!
  13. Spider 2 y banana.. on 2
  14. https://tenor.com/view/missed-kick-missed-kick-football-sports-gif-12718515
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mb_eXyhlHaA