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  1. Now....... would love love love that kids from TCU Trevon Moehrig... that kids is steller 🙂🙃
  2. Rico earned his spot and his pay... hate to see him go but I understand.... good leader good guy. Wish him the best!!🤗
  3. With having noodle arm matt for years, saying Fields arm strength is "ok"...... nah... I want a qb that can throw a ball on a rope 75 yards down the field!!! Sorry not sorry 👋 😐
  4. Bruh i had a stroke reading his post. Lmao🤣🤣
  5. What I get from his interviews is every high paid player has 1 year prove it to us....then he will build his team 🧐😕
  6. Just because you draft a good qb high doesn't mean you won't be drafting high for a few years.... I would bet any amount of money the jags will be a top 10 pick for the next 2 years... As much as I want a new qb I dont think that kid from.BYU is the guy... I cant stand 1 year wonders... the flash in the pan is scary IMHO.. im willing to give Matt Ryan 1 more year with a competent OC, to see what he looks like. 2022 we need to draft a QB. I dont trust 1 year wonders and I dont trust contract year player stats,..😐.. sorry not sorry......... at 4, the only QB that needs to be t
  7. I agree. But we already have a franchise LT, and team draft true LTs, play them at guard, then move them to LT when that position is open..... Jake has 3 years left. Then move him over.
  8. I watched his videos, I've never seen an OLinemen with his swag, he does pregame hype ups, HE GETS HIS TEAM FIRED UP.!!! he celebrates like if he were a CB... and the kid is the real deal...!! Could you imagine. Matthews LT, Sewell LG, Hennessey C, Lindstrom RG, McNary RT..... would be scary tbh
  9. Sewell.... dude is a phucking road grader....!!! 🤤
  10. Is he gonna be calling the plays, or does he hire an OC....
  11. Another WR that Matt Ryan can under throw!!!
  12. Just because that happened doesn't mean it was a good teade... mean whoever mad that trade was a dumbarse...lol...
  13. 41million off our cap is as good as a 1st rounder in my eyes.... a 37 year old qb is not 1 round material sorry not sorry😐
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