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  1. I gotta disagree a big splash doesnt have to mean big spenders!! I just believe the player we think they will draft, they'll end up picking up in FA, and draft a totally different position
  2. I'm telling you guys. FALCONS gonna be surprise big splashers in free agency!!! Similar to what the rams did....
  3. So is JJ gonna get some heavy back loaded deal, and will be a cap casualty in a few years... or is it gonna be a deal that makes sense throughout the term??
  4. Roof open at night ...... cant even notice....
  5. If they release Sanu I'll be really pissed . That dude is worth every penny!!
  6. I cant remember the last time the falcons were so active with cuts this early after the season... freeing up a ton of space... For the past few years it always seemed like we barely had cap space to do anything, so when FA started we were always 1 to 2 weeks behind with signing folk... This cant all be for JJ and Grady ,can it?? Yall think we will make a "BIG SPLASH" this year??
  7. Getting rid of sark and MM was the correct moves.... our core team is still in place.. .I agree hitting Free agency is a must and with the moves so far I'm expecting the "big splash" like the one that brought in Turner and Bryant.. I'm actually excited about 2019 and we havent even truly begun to make legit moves
  8. What are the "correct" moves??
  9. Tbh the game is moving away from the big pounding backs to more pass catching backs. The 3rd and 1 and 4th and 1 kinda suck, but any one of our current backs should be able to pick it up
  10. This one hurts a lot, just as much as when Roddy got cut
  11. Love the free agents. I think there's a great chance to land at least 2 of those guys... benny Snell is a reach and here's why... wh know ito can carry the load, he proved it this years.. taking a RB in the second is starter material. I think we go CB and take a rb in 4th. A guy like Holyfield would fit really well in our system
  12. Really. Sure didnt feel like it.
  13. I think oliver wouldve had more success with a healthy Neal and Allen to back him up
  14. I can respect that opinion.... I'll give him one more year. But a duplicate to 2018 ..and he can kick rocks