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  1. He was railroaded by the Feds and threatened with RICO charges. There had been no video, audio evidence of Vick personally fighting dogs or ordering dogs to be killed. The Feds don't even know if he was in Virginia when this stuff happened..Vick was participating in mini-camps during April 2007. In the indictment, it never specified an actual date of when dogs were executed. The media didn't care about truth or the facts, and the Feds didn't either.. they were hoping Bonds would plead guilty as fast as Vick. He plead GUILTY you ignorant prick he agreed to plea guilty when he was actually innocent WHY? please tell me. Perhaps he was taking one for the team? didn't want to let his home boys go down? I can't believe I wasted time responding to this. for ***** sakes Die of rectal cancer.
  2. People come out of long-term coma's every day..... Welcome sir, you have a new chance at life
  3. The braves get this kind of gratitude and our guys don't deserve it?!? SOMEBODY please! please please please please
  4. bump again, I know somebody on these boards knows how to make this happen
  5. I can't seem to get a reply on my post so I'll say again here, how about a homecoming party at the airport? when are they coming in? how do we make this happen?
  6. Do you not REALIZE that for THE ENTIRE LAST TOUCHDOWN DRIVE of the falcons there was not a SINGLE RUNNING PLAY CALLED?!!?!?! If it wasn't for Ryan the game wouldnt have been as close as it was!!!!! After 12 perfect passes in a row, the RUNNING GAME is gonna have to step in. it's not a matter of IF a bad throw is gonna be made, its a matter of WHEN. IT's INEVITABLE, I don't care who is QB. We got to the playoffs as a TEAM and we LOST as a TEAM We as falcons fans should be nothing but greatful for this seasons experience that we had.
  7. You vick nut huggers are all the same...and I know best because once upon a time I was one of them.....WHO DIDN'T LOVE watching that man play? the point is this.....people hate change....YKW was the first exciting thing that REALLY gave us national attention in a long time...how many monday games did we play? Don't feel bad! I bought it too! But even then there was one single undeniable fact opposing fans I am friends with that I could not deny.....If Vick was having a bad day, then we had no prayer. I'm sorry but as much of a falcons fan I am, I know full well that part of that is luck, and luck doesn't win a SB. Superior skill as a team will ALWAYS persevere over LUCK of one individual eventually. What we have in our hands is the foundation of a truly deserving could-be dynasty.....one built on the premise of a collaborative effort, not the novelty of one single overly-agile one dimensional QB that couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. bahhh to much time on one thread
  8. You sir are an ungreatful *******! The 3rd overall pick that we were supposed to be able to "DEVELOP" over the next couple years under REDMAN just brought you a playoff game. So we lost...at least we were PRESENT at the game to even be ABLE to lose.... I'd rather lose in the playoffs than not even BE THERE to get the opportunity!
  9. Are you kidding? he had some picks, to be expected honestly but had it not been for Ryan it wouldn't have even been as close as it was. show some gratitude
  10. Were you asking about how many balls he ACTUALLY fumbled or how many he "officially" fumbled?
  11. First of all I fully support the opinion that Brooking is done, or at least shifted to a backup roll. I DO agree that on more than one play, the OLD Brooking would have done something different.... What i dissagree with is throwing the man into the fire.... He's a lifelong falcon that played his **** heart out since DAY ONE. The man has NEVER failed because of a piss poor attitude or giving up. He screwed up, his prime is long gone, and he's due to be replaced... NOT because he gave up NOT because he has no heart NOT because he didn't try NOT because he didn't want it NOT because of complacency or ego NOT because of off the field lawsuits and personal matters His shortcomings are strictly due to the toll that age and his position has played on him. and because of that I ask KINDLY that the reigns be handed over to the next generation. His leadership is why he has been there, and for that he has played his roll. The man doesn't deserve to thrown in the fire. just my humble opinion
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