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  1. I swear people will defend football players to their dying day... But let this have been a basketball player going to the NBA doing this... he would have been crucified to no end. Sigh.
  2. I just think people think because S. Jax got signed, a RB will no longer be drafted. I don't understand that. Why wouldn't Atlanta STILL draft a RB? We do need a RB still.
  3. So what do you think happens at this point? None of these issues will be addressed? Just asking.
  4. We'll have Palmer, and I want to see what Coffman can do. And let's not act like we don't have a few sleepers in WR already here. Let's get that RG you want and then focus the rest on defense with one pick for RB. 2 DEs, LB, DT, and MAYBE a CB depending on what happens with Grimes.
  5. So Baker is only making $4 million his first two years of the new contract with a $10 million signing bonus... and people are upset about it? Sigh...
  6. If Abraham says he's playing, then he's playing. I think dude would rather leave it out on the field than stay on the sidelines again. And sometimes, a player just wants to play through the pain... I think Abe does so. This may be his last chance to win a ring.
  7. I'm convinced some folks on here have no clue what they're talking about. It's evident.
  8. Atlanta won... and people are talking about dumb plays... Was the timeout bad? Yes. Was the playcalling late in the 4th bad? Yes. Did the players pull it out despite of that? Yes... So let's enjoy the win right now please.
  9. Wouldn't you want the Falcons to not show up and play? I don't care what anyone says, every fan deep down wants their team to win in a blowout every time... I just wouldn't put my money on the Seahawks though.
  10. That's if the Seahawks win. They can't stop shooting themselves in the foot.
  11. That's why you look forward to the 2013 season. 2012 looks like a wash.
  12. I wouldn't count chickens before they're hatched. SF is reeling a bit with injuries and Arizona players are playing for jobs next season.... Arizona/SF will be closer than you think. Stingy Ds... and something tells me Arizona can win a 13-10 game.
  13. Seattle is playing St. Louis today at home.... and SF is playing Arizona at home. Based on the seeding... unless GB loses today, there is no way Seattle would play SF again until the NFCCG unless Seattle ends up #2 and SF #5 or vice versa.
  14. I have never seen such anger.... it's like the little brother who gets lucky and wins in Madden one time. Then you brush it off like "Oh cool" and he gets upset that his gloating isn't affecting you. Nothing to do with a rivalry, they need to calm down lol.
  15. This didn't seem to be a problem on the Sunday or Monday night games.
  16. Really? If I remember, Jets have been to AFCCG twice within the last 4 years and they are looked at as a laughing stock right now. Regardless of having won 4 playoff games under one QB. So perception doesn't really matter much if you don't win it all. Why do you think people laugh at Flacco claiming to be elite?
  17. I have no idea everyone started bringing up Turner's deficiencies when Foster was brought up and it was said in sarca... You know what, never mind. Continue on.
  18. Why are people saying "Well Tebow would work in goal line situations, we could use him as a FB" when we will DRAFT or get a RB in FA that will help in goal line situations... we will get a better O-Line that will help in our RBs getting across the line... I mean, we have an okay FB in Cox who has shown he can catch and run. Why we would get Tebow when our cap space will not allow for that most likely???
  19. You're right, I got my CBs mixed up. But yeah, that guy will be be back by the playoffs.
  20. One of them is already on suspension (Browner) and will be back in time for their first playoff game should they advance. The second guy, Sherman, is still appealing. If he loses his appeal Friday, then he'll be out through the divisional round of the playoffs.
  21. Hmm.... this is how defenses will beat us in the postseason. Let a play happen that gets to within 1-2 yards for a first down. Then fourth down will be forced quite easily. I can see it all now.
  22. This team may need a overhaul if they don't win a playoff game this year. Definitely at RB and TE (if Gonzalez leaves)... OL for sure. Depending on the money, the secondary may take a huge hit. The DL is okay but that could use an overhaul. And if Ryan folds up again... it's time to start thinking draft possibly. Geno Smith may be a sleeper pick.
  23. The fact that Gregg Rosenthal has the 49ers ranked #3 ahead of the Falcons AND Broncos right now tells you all you need to know. Right now, the Broncos have no business being below the 49ers. And the Seahawks are not better than the Steelers.
  24. Nonsense... the only way we could beat RG3 was to knock him out of the game... the Falcons would have lost if Spoon doesn't make that hit. Or so the media says.
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