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  1. My dad and i were talking about this this game earlier. Screw the cowboys GO FALCONS!
  2. You mean if we lose, and then beat the Panthers, and still get HFA then yea we will never recover.
  3. Falco and the dirty bird brass band.Marching around annoying saints tailgaiting fans in there throw back helmets.
  4. Yea i am serious. We are on the verge of something special, and you have a crappy attitude. I am sure you never needed help in school! He didn't start a i want to lick Vick's balls thread,he simply asked for quote's from Falcons fans for a school paper.What a better place for that than here?You can take your post and VICK(you afraid of a name)And cram them up your a$$!Why bring his professor into it?
  5. Why so rude? Dude is just looking for help with a paper!
  6. Players come and go, Falcons are FOREVER... You got it right!
  7. Asheville, NC here. Gonna be Wes and Dave on Sirius! Panthers always in the way
  8. I love to listen! Great announcers.Reminds me listening during ATL tv blackouts, as a kid with my Dad. Munson years were great.
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