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  1. Fans are what pushes management and players to be better. NO fans eventually NO team.
  2. in this covid 19 yr any player can shut it down. I believe koetter and Julio do not get along. Since this is an interim staff , upper management has let Julio have this time off and come back healthy and in a better attitude for next year.
  3. The reason we lose is poor coaching and its probably one reason Julio shut it down this year . BUT Julio is not getting younger and you get that homerun hitter in the first rd anytime you can. If it be Smith from ALA or Pitts from FLA YOU GET EM cause if you dont you will be playing against them 2 times a year. Off line and DEF line are built in the later rds and for real salary reasons .
  4. its funny that Patrick Peterson can cover Julio and shut him down by himself . Dont believe it ? Look at the stats when they face each other.
  5. put down the pipe? How about you quit drinking the koolaid ? If you cant stay healthy and contribute then you arent of any use .
  6. You are no longer a number 1 receiver .. Ridley is now the man and if the falcons pick Devonta Smith , Julio is expendable in 2022
  7. Today's NFL is offense driven with speed and high scoring BUT what if a team can keep the ball out of those high scorers by managing the the clock and a huge time of possession.
  8. i agree he has never had a canon but his throws and vision downfield are going down fast
  9. Sorry to say but we are stuck with him for the rest of the season.
  10. While the front office is going through change more to COVID than team performance, NOTHING on coaching staff or GM is gonna change til after the season. Then i bet we go cheap on finding a coach and GM. NO good coach will come here with our history and current situation without a long term deal and rich contract. Will a good coach help pick a GM or will a new GM go after a good coach with open checkbook?
  11. I cant help but be ole school and would love to see the next 2 drafts beef up both lines. Some 320 lbs average o-line would be nice
  12. our improved offensive line and new defense are really stinking it up this year and we are stuck with this for next year too?
  13. Bring in Spurrier as Offensive Coordinator with full autonomy and just maybe we can do time of possesion and scoring .
  14. Arthur Blank doesn't have any balls and WILL stick with loser coach til next season then it will take 3 more seasons just to be relevant
  15. As what happens when great kickers get old they start missing BUT he was clutch for us SO many times.Does he deserve to be in the falcons ring of honor? I would say yes
  16. After the falcons get blown out by the Seahawks next week the DQ will be told during the bye week he wont be back next season
  17. They cant because they STINK so bad the EPA wont allow this trash to be moved
  18. Funny how tv doesnt show the stadium crowd when its only half full
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