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  1. Happy belated B-day Robb. Had to shout out to my former original alliance member
  2. I believe you are giving up too quickly on Weems. The kickoff rule changed the dynamics of the return game. How about some blocking on the kickoffs instead of holding or blocks in the back. Weems was one of the best last year. I can't believe he just fell off, I can assure you it was the kickoff rule change.
  3. BTW- Just ordered a print for my daughter. She loved the green haired chick, so I had to get it.
  4. Seriously Pencilpusher, I'm drinking a cold one for ya now, and the wife says happy b-day man!!!!!
  5. The more things change, the more they stay the same
  6. I always thought the kid had talent, but he was a player in between positions (CB/Safety). I wondered why the Falcons just released him.
  7. Wasn't it the owners that pushed for the salary cap? The players countered with Free Agenecy. I believe there would be a lockout before a no cap season.
  8. Offensive line played very well this season. I'd say our biggest need is a TE and Defensive playmakers. A run stopping defensive lineman, a ball hawking safety or a huge hitting linebacker.
  9. OK, I'll take that. But Van Note was the exception not the rule. And again, just because Van Note played 18 years, doesn't mean MClure will. That's like me saying "Darrell Green played 20 years at CB so that means Deangelo Hall can too". Yes maybe he can, but it's not likely.
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