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  1. Win lose or tie Falcon till I die

  2. XLVII or DIE

  3. Based on your experience it really sounds like it would be. Chances are I'll at least attempt to make the trip down there. I'll probably wait to see what tickets for the Bears/Falcons game cost me first. Have a feeling they're going to cost quite a bit.
  4. Planning on it, but waiting on a check from my insurance provider first so I wont know where I'm sitting for another couple weeks.
  5. Northern Illinois! I'm still considering making the trip down there for the last week of camp. Anyone who's been think it'd be worth a trip that far? I've been wanting to visit Atlanta anyway, and I'd do more than just go to the camps but they would be the focus of the trip haha.
  6. Malcolm Floyd would be the best move at WR in my opinion. Jones isn't bad, I know Green Bay fans really wanted to keep him, which is enough reason for me to that that would be a good move as well.
  7. As of 6 hours ago I wouldn't have even considered this. But to counter the Philly move it certainly couldn't hurt to bring in Braylon at the two spot. I know it looks like they might be losing Samuel but this guarantees that we have a talented receiver covered by a nickle, not Aso or DRC. This would obviously help against GB as well with Tramon and Woodson. If the price is right, and we can still get a solid nickle along with Blalock why not? Thoughts? If nothing else I'd really like to get Jenkins back, he's not flashy or anything but it does give us another big target.
  8. Yards are cool and everything, but points are what really matter. We were the 5th best scoring offense.
  9. Thought it was funny, kind of irrelevant. He was good for us, wanted to much money and apparently the Bucs were willing to pay it to him. Good for him.
  10. Yes, no one is allowed to sign officially until sometime tomorrow. Brandon Stokley already backed out of an agreement with the Redskins earlier today.
  11. Dang I was really hoping I'd see Richard Marshall in red and black this season....
  12. It's funny, you compare the contracts we've signed our players with to the contracts the Panthers players are getting and it's no wonder why we're the better team. Granted they have some pretty big name guys they're signing but Clabo is no slouch and we got him for a reasonable price. Panthers just signed Beason to the richest contract any ILB has gotten in NFL history. Beason is a good player, but that's just insane.
  13. Very nice! It seems we're retaining everyone with pretty reasonable contracts.
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