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  1. Yeah I'll have to look into Davis more now, kinda had forgetten he was a free agent. I believe Brandon Marshall (LB) is FA as well so he could be another option. Any one of the three would be a huge upgrade to the defense.
  2. I wonder who will draw more money between him and Trevathan, though. I think I prefer Trevathan but whoever came cheaper would be ideal.
  3. I'm starting to think more and more that by the time draft day is here trading down to get Spence won't be an option. If his off-field concerns continue to seem in his past he's going to be fine. I've already seen him mocked at #9 and his stock is only going to rise. Looking at his film I see a lot of Khalil Mack in him, and while he's not quite on that level he's still the best edge player in this draft in my opinion.
  4. Ifo Ekpre-Olumu or however it's spelled. If we get him we've killed this draft. Dude was a first round talent at corner before his injury, and in spite of getting Jalen Collins, we could still use more talent out at corner. Plus, I kinda have a feeling Collins might be our FS not CB.
  5. Seattle radio host asks him if he'll have to bring McDonald's across the country and he replied to it. Definitely acknowledging the fact there was a rumor.
  6. Well Bruce did just tweet "It's a business..." this coming after already acknowledging the rumor about an hour ago.
  7. Yeah, it's sthsale50. You put it in down next to the red box that says "apply" and it should adjust your price.
  8. ****, that's where I heard about the sale too, they still had large though when I got on. Must be a lot of people jumping in on this deal.
  9. This might get moved, but I didn't see it posted here and I figured this was the best place to post it to make sure the maximum amount of people were able to take advantage of the deal. This DOES NOT include clearance items, but it does include all jerseys. I just bought a personalized Nike Elite Trufant jersey for $150, normally $300. On top of this sale they also have free shipping on orders over $100. You have to use the code sthsale50 when you get to the payment part of checkout.
  10. Yeah, if he had to cut a 7th round compensatory pick Blank may have fired him. Someone said it already, if he wanted to save face, he would have kept Allen.
  11. 2 catches and 61 yards in the only game he was even given a shot to do anything.
  12. Switch Douglas, Jackson, Hester with Soliai, Jackson and Massaquoi.
  13. Hester will probably very rarely be used as a WR. He is a much better returner when he focuses on that, Chicago didn't use him on offense much if at all last year so I'm not sure why everyone is convinced he can come in and be our third receiver.
  14. Everyone claiming Biermann is going to lose his job because we got a couple late round picks behind him I know he was a late round pick himself, but he's been solid in the past. To me, he's kind of the X factor on our defense because he is so versatile. Also, you claimed only 1 starter when Baker is still actually starting. He's been good when healthy, but the health issue is a major concern. Douglas was never going to be more than a #3 receiver so I don't know what you were expecting from that. Lofton was just given more money than we thought he was worth, doesn't make it not a good pick. DeC
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