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  1. Your Momma is an IDIOT not to abort her preganancy and have an A$$ like you. Why is it that anytime someone says something that is different from what you like, they are an idiot. Grow-Up. Read my POST and try and comprehend. I said that Ryan had a GREAT Rookie Season, but he needs to improve. He digressed as teh season went on. We have had very simple game plans. Short play aciton passing games. We have to attack the field vertically. Roddy was ope on a deep pass down the right sideline and Ryasn under thre him resulting in an INT. All I am saying is that if you guys want to give
  2. They loaded up the box to stop Turner and saw if Ryan could beat them. He couldn't. It was a GREAT GAME PLAN. I think that Ryan had a GREAT season from a rookie standpoint. But, with a year of film on him and after watching this game many teams will be a lot more prepared next year. I honestly think that he was a bit off on yesterday. Even on the short throws that he is usually very accurate on. He has also started holding onto the ball way too long as evident by the safety on yesterday. Over the course of the season he threw 17 TDs and 11 INTs. Through the first 12 games , he threw 1
  3. All of that is great, but DON"T PUT HIS SORRY BEHIND ON THE FIELD EVER AGAIN. Get him an office down the hall from Tommy Nobis and be don with him.
  4. Dude Not only was Ryan 3-1 in those games, but so was the janitor, special teams players and the peanut salesman. You Guys kill me. If we win a game it's beacuase of Ryan. If we loose a game, cut him a break., Anyone can see that he needs to improve. Throwing 17 TDs and 11 INTs for a season will not cut it. It is excellent for a rookie, but not good for any other QB. Open your eyes, the Cardinals did what ALL teams are going to do against us next year. Stack the box to stop Turner and see if Ryan can beat them. He coulsn't do that on yesterday.
  5. WHo cares WHY he is not doing his J O B? Just get him out of here. A lot of people have been saying that his LEADERSHIP skills are what makes him invaluable. Some people don't know the difference between INVALUABLE and WORTHLESS.
  6. Hammerhead The numbers don't lie. We give up more yards per game and more than per rush than ANY OTHER PLAYOFF TEAM and we have to go and play on the road. We can not igonre this and coupled with the fact that Matt Ryan has throw more INTs than TDs in his last 4 games ( 3TDS to 5 INTS) we have an uphill battle. Another thing. We were only 4-4 on the road this season I am just trying to look at this thing realistically. WE HAVE TO TIGHTEN UP OUR RUN D TO GO FAR IN THE PLAYOFFS/
  7. What type RBs or Running Teams do you think we are going to face in the playoffs? Jacobs, Ward, D Williams, Steward, A. Peterson etc. None of them look like pushovers to me. Especially, on the road.
  8. Guys I have been watching our defense very closely lately. There are 2 Key Things that you have to do in the playoffs to WIN. Particularly, on the ROAD. That is RUN the BALL and STOP the RUN. We do one of those things very well and not so good of a job on the other one. Here are a few facts. 1) We are 25th in the league in Rush Defense giving up 127.5 yards/game. 2) We are tied for 30th in the league in Avg/Rush giving up 4.9. 3) We are worst than any playoff team in both of these categories. I don't think that it is going to the that much of a problem this weekend, because Ariz
  9. Brooking did make a GREAT tackle on Jackson down around the goal line on that screen pass. Oh, my BAD he missed that one and he got slung off like a Rag Doll. What a GREAt LEADER. Oh, and i am White Dude.
  10. FalconLord You are truly showing your remotions now. We ALL LOVE the FALCONS and the players. NO PLAYER in the NFL earns the right to stay with a team as long as they want to. CAP dollars are precious and Falcon Management needs to spend each one wisely. Think about a RB named Emmitt Smith and a WR named Jerry Rice. Two top notch organizations had tell let players go that had been very instrumental to them winning Superbowls and owned some of the most Important records in league history. Another thing. Some posters are saying the only thing that KB has wrong wit
  11. That's the pont. We NEED to get someone better. This is a hole in our Defense and it looks like every other team in the league knows it. He does lead the team in tackles. But he doesn't lead the team in plays. If we could pull up the stats I wonder how many of those tackles are for losses and how many are downfield past the 1st down marker. NEWS FLASH. When it's 3rd and 5 and they throw a pass to the back that you are checking in the flats and he goes for 8 yarders before you can grab him. You get credited for a tackle. If you check your man tight and the QBcan't throw it to him. You
  12. He may has PLAYED GREAT in the past, but he is not GREAT now. Stop taking this personal. The NFL is about NOW , not what you have done 10 years ago. Is the fact that he is the last memeber of the team that went to the Superbowl reason enough to keep him? (Some of you keep saying that) If that's the case, we need to bring Terrence Mathis back.
  13. Ok First of all, I am not a Troll because this is my first post. I have been reading this board for about 7 years now and I have lived in Atlanta ALL of my life. I LOVE the FALCONS Well, i TiVoed the game and watched it again twice this week. I see so much more than when I am watching the game on Sundays. Maybe, it's because I don't have the 6 Buswiesers in me. My wife and I were watching the game and Keith Brooking blitzed off of the left edge and came in FULL SPEED. Adrian Pterson picked him up. AP sidesteps KB and pushed him past Tavares Jackson and flat on his face 3
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