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  1. In the first 9 games we played 6 playoff teams, in the last 7 we played 2 playoff teams. Did we play better in the 2nd half of the season or was the schedule just much softer? Just like the end of 2018.
  2. Ok, Coach I appreciate the opinion. I think kneeling was the right call because you have very little to gain and everything to lose. I've seen too many picks in the end zone or blocked FG's to think it couldn't happen and the 9er's had time for only 1 more play regardless of which play we scored on.
  3. With 5 seconds left (Hooper non touchdown) in the game Quinn is clearly calling for the Falcons to go for 2. I think is another example of Quinn's inability to manage in game situations. I know that we make the right call 3 sec later, but that is because IMO there was enough time for someone to overrule another stupid Quinn decision. I haven't seen this posted, so I wanted to point it out. PS - If you want to see yourself it is shown in the NFL network highlight clip @ 10:24 mark.
  4. You can go to the Atlanta United Playoff match on Oct.19 for $20. You could go to every MLS home game for the price of 1 Falcons game. Atlanta United Playoff Tickets!
  5. Kurt Warner Won the 1999 Superbowl (34), League MVP, and game MVP
  6. How many top 10 Qb's have the Pats faced? Let me count............................................ NONE! Until this week. Good Luck yourself, Your going to need it!
  7. The flight info is absolute. (Google: DL8864)
  8. The Falcon's charter is scheduled to leave Atlanta @ 2pm on Sunday. Arrives in Houston at 3:15. It will be a 777 a/c. Most of the time the team loads from "Signature Flight Support" But not always :)
  9. One thing that no one is talking about is strength of schedule. Falcons 1st > Cowboys 27th. The teams we are going to play are no better then the teams we have played. We are as ready for the playoffs as ever! The Cowboys have played a weak schedule and will have to elevate their play. They are going to lose and I hope we are the team that does it.
  10. I was also impressed. He must have made 4 tackles his 1st seires alone. On the passes he got burned on, he was in position......... just didn't make the play. Depoo wouldn't even have in the right part of the field.
  11. Could "Breakfast of Champions" really be Michael Turner posting on this board? I think he has a lot free time with no job.
  12. No, he could train with Bush. Run up the largest Debt Ever while the ecomomy was booming. Start two wars pay for neither. Crash the most expansive economy in the world. Halfed home prices, federal income, & 401K's. Then turn is all over to Obama and said "Good Luck".
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