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  1. I play for the Dublin Rebels. 7 times Irish National Champions. Everyone knows we play at a higher level than the NFL. We just keep it under the radar to keep ticket prices down...
  2. Would love to see them look at the bigger picture and give him a spot on the PS. Worst case at the end of the season it becomes clear he's not going to make it and they start looking at options for him on the coaching side and send him down that route. Find a place for him in the organisation, the guy will have a lot to offer as a mentor and maybe coaching will be his opportunity to have the career in football he deserves.
  3. I have Ulcerative Colitis which is similar. It almost killed me and 3 years ago I had to have my entire colon removed. I'm 33 now and have just started playing American football for the 7 times Irish champions, The Dublin Rebels. It's been a tough challenge but started my first game at Free Safety today in a 62-6 win. The illness was the best thing that ever happened to me. Life is good. Rise Up.
  4. 11 teams spread throughout the country, split into 2 divisions: North and South. I'm a rookie (a 32 year old one mind you) so I'm not sure what the standard will be like. Not as high as in the UK I'd imagine. The Rebels won the Shamrock Bowl last year and we're due to represent Ireland in the Atlantic Cup in Holland later in the year. A few of our players have gone to Germany to play semi-pro but generally speaking it's just regular guys who love the sport and want to try it out. A month into training and I've already gotten my first injury. A Haematoma on my calf muscle. Been on crutches for
  5. I'll spend Sundays playing for my team, The Dublin Rebels (http://dublinrebels.com/). Season starts in a month and ends in July (if we make it to the shamrock bowl). That'll take me nicely up to pre-season. Not quite the same standard as the NFL but it'll do until the real thing starts up again...
  6. Dublin, Ireland. Fan since 04. This game kicks off at 1.30am here. Long night ahead...
  7. Im in Dublin, ireland. No direct tv over here so I have to find them online. If you haven't found a solution when the season starts, pm me and I'll send you a link to where you can watch them online for free...
  8. I got murdered for this Matt Ryan lookalike yesterday. Every one of my friends thought it was funny but on here it's way out of order. Warning: This forum is not for jokes. Please...
  9. It's Kenneth from 30 Rock. Just a bit of light humour. Only one person got it. People and humour are always hit and miss. I should have known better... -100 for me.
  10. WOW!, with JJ on our team we could win 2 or 3 superbowls this year!!
  11. I'm not sure what it will be - TE/CB/DE but I think once we have re-signed all our top players he'll dip into the market for once more top player to help tip us over the edge...
  12. HAHA, it's so funny how ******** saints fans are. They really do bring a smile to my face. Great football team. Shame their fans let them down all the time.
  13. I know it sounds strange but we needed to get a few monkeys off our back before we go into the playoffs and assuming we beat the Panthers as we should it's the best thing that could have happened to us. Forget about the rivalry for the minute, Championships and Superbowls is what we should be worried about. 1) Turnovers: We were due a few of these and rather have them now than in Jan. 2) Turner Fumble: He may have become a bit complacent, I don't think he'll do that again for a long time. 3) Home Loss: Had to happen some time and again I'm glad it happened now rather than in Jan 4) 4th Q Comeb
  14. Hey, I posted about this on Monday. I didn't see exactly what happened but approached you after to make sure you were ok. I wasn't near enough to help out. I came from Ireland to see the game and didn't expect to see that. I agree about security and said so in my post. There should be more. Anyway, I'm glad you're ok. Michael Ireland.
  15. Didn't get a chance, had to leave straight after. Will next time though...
  16. If it makes you happy the saints fan got his *ss handed to him and arrested (I think) but who cares. It should never have gotten that far.
  17. I agree that a few idiots to not represent the majority and I as I said in another post that the vast majority of fans on both sides were absolutely brilliant. I just wanted to see if this kind of thing happens regularly. It would seem not which is reassuring. Thanks for the tip on fans. I'll be sure and do some research next time before I pick a game. Michael
  18. So as some of you will have read I flew in from Ireland to see the game yesterday and while we lost it was an absolutely incredible experience. I was so worried that we would be destroyed with the team we had out and all the talk on the radio was that we could be looking at a record defeat and that some of our starting line up were "not NFL players". I had a sneaky feeling that we'd put in a big performance and the team didn't let me down. From the minute me and my fiance took our seats in the dome with our hot dogs and nachos until the end we had a blast (apart from the fighting in the crowd
  19. So as I posted last week I flew in from Ireland to see the game yesterday and went to it with my fiance. Given that we were written off before the game we got more than we could ever have hoped for from the game except for one thing. A big fight broke out right beside us at the end. I was really surprised because all the fans were getting on so well the we were having a great time with the saints fans, most of whom were great. At the end though a falcons fan in his fifties was jumped by some NO fans. I couldn't believe it. And what made it worse was there seemed to be no security to stop it so
  20. I'd just like to thank you all for your replies. I wasn't sure I'd get any but to have 22 replies has been great. I've been given some great advice for game day and for my trip in general which has been really helpful. Who knows, maybe I'll even meet some of you if I go tailgating... GO FALCONS!! P.S. A special thank you to the saints trolls for trashing our chances on this thread. Even if you are massive favorites, writing off any opposition is a schoolboy error. Bring it on...
  21. If we can move past the obvious "don't waste your time, we're going to lose" kind of comment that a lot of people on this forum seem to go for I'd really appreciate it. I'm looking for some honest advice about what to expect at an NFl game as I've never been over to one before and I'm really looking forward to it, whatever the outcome. It seems that a lot of people on this message board seem to forget how lucky they are to be able to go to these games, watch them on TV every week, have access to NFL network etc. In Ireland and the UK we get 2 games a week and maybe one at stupid O'clock on a t
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