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  1. How unfair is it that Utah won't have a chance to be National Champs, despite blowing out a one loss team that was ranked number one for half the season? Or U.S.C., who beat the number one ranked team at the time (Ohio State) played a one loss season in one now appears was actually the TOUGHEST conference in the nation. Or Texas . . . we all know THAT story. . . . Why does Florida go but not SC? How is Oklohoma more deserving the Utah? This has to stop, and it will. It is a moral imperative.
  2. I was thinking about that during the Patriots/Cardinals game. After they got the wussy penalty for making the snow angel, they should have sent the entire team to make snow angels after the next score!
  3. Yeah, but we've got Chris Redman, they only have Matt Leinhart. Crype! How do you edit thread topics?!?!
  4. I think the message and intimidation might be worth much more than 15 yards. Let's face it, they'll get the yardage anyway.
  5. Nothing drastic. Nothing to cause an injury. Just the sort of thing the Bucs pulled in the first game against Ryan. The Patriots showed how effective that sort of thing could be. I'm not one to condone dirty play. OK, I guess in this instance, I am. Sorry God.
  6. I was sort of thinking that Coach might be very happy to have found a home in "HOTLANTA". I wonder if he [and his wife and daughter] live in midtown? BTW, it IS a great read. I personally got a little chokedup in the part about the plane ride back from Tampa.
  7. And it seems like having them both with their hands extended for the snap is a new wrinkle that I've never seen with the wildcat from any team. Is that something new?
  8. Best game I snapped shut my cell phone nfl.com coverage to in disguist all year. Oh ye of little faith. Seriously, the more people talk about that throw, and really analyze it, the more I think Matt Ryan was just one lucky SOB on that play. If he was really THAT good, the kid would not have thrown an incompletion all year.
  9. Put Harvey Dahl on the Defensive Line and let Clabo play safety . . . That should soften 'em up. Seriously, the blue print for defeating Kurt Warner was drafted by the Patriots in their upset Super Bowl win. Hit everyone. Hit 'em hard. Hit 'em often.
  10. That must hav been a heck of a come back by the Bronco's Sunday night! I should not have fallen asleep!
  11. Since it's so easy, please add your own or explain your favorite . . . 1) We just didn't execute . . . . 2) SIIIIIIIOOOOOEEEEEEEE PIG!!!!!!! 3) It's part of the process 4) Does a tie get us into the playoffs? 5) $#^^@ @&() A) Mike Smith B Jim Mora, Jr. C) June Jones D) DanReeves E) Bobby Petrino
  12. Very interesting that Turner is dominating the MVP polling on this Board but Ryan is getting much more MVP talk (along with ROY) from the national media. Turner's skill set has made every aspect of our team stronger. 1) Taken pressure off of Ryan 2) Made our offensive line LOOK better 3) Churned yards/time to keep our defense off the field. 4) Created favorable down and distance scenarios so Mularkey could open up the play book. 5) Worn down defenses so Norwood could get long TD's late in the game (Saints, Rams etc.)
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