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  1. Jordan Shipley has now been nominated for th Wuerffel Award as well. http://www.wuerffeltrophy.org/news_Nov09.html Maybe if schools like Tennessee would go after high character guys like this instead of folks like Nu'keesh then they would be playing in a BCS Bowl instead of attending arraingments in the next few months...LOL
  2. These are our two posts on October 27, 2009 on this thread: "I think it comes down to Jordan Shipley and Golden Tate....A.J. is going to be lucky to make the finalist group." CrabappleJoe. "AJ will in the finalist group and he won't need to be lucky to be there. He is arguably the best WR in the country." SacFalcFan Now, please before I go to bed...tell me who was right and who was wrong....its not that complicated....it just requires you to seek the truth...who has been "wrong this entire thread"....ROTFLMAO at you in dreamworld...and I have never celebrated a player getting hurt....like I said, good luck to the "second coming" next year. Own up to your mistakes...it makes you a better man.
  3. I can't remember a more disingenuous or patently absurd post on these boards since I've been here....but good try dude...like I said good luck to the "second coming" next year...and I hope he stays healthy...can't we just leave it at that. Why can't someone on here wish Jordan Shipley good luck in his career...do you all hate him that much and why....
  4. Like I said "woulda, shoulda, coulda"....maybe Nu'keesh with all of his athletic talent should win the Biletnikoff this year...isn't he a "five-star"...surely in two and a half years he's going to be a number one pick...right...sugar plum fairies dancing in your head.
  5. My argument hasn't changed dude....its the fact that I am turning out to be right is what has got everyone in a tissy....any outside observer could easily see this. Using your previous argument...if we put "black-face" on Shipley would you think he was an "athlete"....LOL
  6. Like I said...good luck to "A.J." next year....and I know you want to make him the greatest in your minds....but to win the Biletnikoff award you, generally speaking, need to go over 1000 yards in receiving....Jordan has done that...Green has not....one more time, good luck next year...I'm sure he's a great kid as I haven't heard about him doing any armed robberies or anything like Nu'keesh et al. Hope he stays healthy. Maybe he will put up great numbers in the Stihl Weedeater Bowl down in Shreveport or something and get noticed for next year.
  7. I'm sure Jordan would have enjoyed his time against Tennessee Tech....boy you're sure diggin' deap and gettin' kinda convoluted with your stats....I doubt the Biletnikoff panelists are going to get so silly...good luck to A.J. next year
  8. Oh, I forgot to add that Golden Taters and Riley Cooper on 4th & 5th on the NCAA receiving yards chart for this year....."A.J." is like 36th but I know in your progams and in your minds "he's #1".......
  9. Lex7500 wrote: "If AJ Green was eligible to come out this year and all 30 NFL teams had a chance to pick from either Shipley or Green, who do you think they would pick and see as more talented and athletically gifted." Jordan Shipley of the Texas Longhorns....is there anything about this response that is not clear to you?
  10. So I was the first and only one to say the award would come down to Shipley and Golden Taters (see the fifth post on this thread from Oct. 27th)....I was berated and laughed at because I did not believe that the second coming "A.J. Green" would be a finalist. I think that would have been the case with or without the injury...and its certainly the case now. Shipley was always going to be a finalist...dude, people are going to vote for him for the Heisman Trophy....go to the ESPN website where you can vote for the nine Heisman candidates.....I hate to break it to you but A.J. Green's name ain't there, and it wasn't there before the injury....just deal with it. And I "have no clue what I'm talking about"......man you are really making me ROTFLMAO.
  11. Why not pick up this guy for nothing: He shredded us in the dome last year when Denver beat us.....just look at the videol.
  12. Dude, let the paranoia go.....I haven't edited anything I wrote...I'm sorry that you misread what I said but thank you for being man enough to admit it now....Exactly how did I get "shredded" in my initial argument. I said Jordan Shipley and Golden Tater would be in the finalists and Green would not...do you disagree with that at this point? If so, why.
  13. In your mind I'm sure he is....unfortunately they'll be voting for the Bilitnekoff award based upon this year's receiving stats....and Shipley has blown away Mr. Green in that category...sorry.
  14. Perhaps English is not your first language....I have been quite clear that the Bilitnekoff award is for the on-field achievements for this particular year. Jordan Shipley will make the finalists and Green won't. Jordan Shipley has a very good chance of winning the award and I think his major competition is Golden Tater not Green or Julio (who) Jones. Is there anything complicated about what I have said....does anything I just said contradict anything else I have said on this thread? Right now, today, Shipley is the better receiver. Two ABC talking heads yesterday said he should be a serious contender for the Heisman and is the "best double-move WR in the country"...that was not CrabappleJoe talking.....I didn't pay them to say it...it was two of the most highly paid people in the country who analyze college football saying it...call ABC and scream at them because they forgot to mention the annnointed ones....A.J. and Julio (who) who I believe is like #270 or so in the country in recieving....LOL
  15. Get Peyton Hillis from Denver...when he was allowed to play RB last year he ran for a 5+ YPC average with no fumbles....he's a beast coming out of the backfield as a receiver. McDaniels is not playing him this year in Denver (probably because he's one of Shanahans boys like Curtler) and Hillis is piss##. Get him for nothing and he's a big bruising back like Turner.
  16. Gettin' old and lost a step like everybody does someday....
  17. Dam@ you Green apologists have more excuses than a Philadelphia lawyer. The Bilitnekoff award is for this years achievements on the field...not what happened last year or visions of sugar plums dancing in your head about next year. Early on in this thread I predicted that Shipley would be amongst the finalists and Green probably not. It was true then and even truer now. I also predicted that it would come down to Shipley and Golden Tate and I still believe that.
  18. Thanks for an intelligent "football" response. That "straight up" style didn't seem to hurt Eric Dickerson's game....just sayin'...
  19. It appears thay you and FreakyFalcon are not cognizant of how the Heisman balloting works....that's OK. If Shipley "is not on the Heisman ballot" this year please tell me who is? LOL
  20. Is Joe Cox a number one pick? I don't think so....pleez go back to school and learn to read for content....its a very important to in life.
  21. Dude, when I asked that question I had no idea Green got hurt in last night's game as I had just gotten back from a dinner engagement that wasn't held at a Taco Mac. I don't wish ill on any young college player. I have nothing against Green except for the fact that you Dawg fans act like he's the second coming and Jordan Shipley couldn't hold his jock stap....which is laughable at best. Like I said much earler, Shipley will be a Biletnikoff finalist and Green probably not. These injuries make it even tougher on Green to be there which piss@@ me off because now ya'll have a built in excuse. Shipley was beating him out head to head before the injury.
  22. Jeez Freakyfalcon....since I just got back I didn't have a chance to check the box score earlier. Now that I have, it shows that the "non-playmaker" Riley Cooper accounted for 112 yards in offense and one TD which far surpassed all the "playmakers" on the field tonight....so what's with your hate toward a man who racks up the most yards for a team that wins a key SEC game.....what is it...can't put my finger on it...did he steal your girlfriend in highschool...you don't like kids from Florida.....I know, I know...you hate the number 11...thats it...now I can sleep better tonight....LOL in dream world.
  23. Thanks for your post...he should be in New York and would get my Heisman vote but it will probably go to Ingram because of the whole "SEC is the best conference" thing. He has rushed for 400 yards in the last two weeks destroying two top 15 defenses....and Pete Carroll still has him listed as a "fullback" on his roster...LMAO
  24. Well now, he is one of nine players listed on the ESPN "vote for your favorite Heisman Candidate" website (please see my original post and click on the "link"). Try to follow the bouncing ball. Today on ABC (that's one of the major networks in America) sports show the two talking heads both agreed that Jordan is a serious contender for the Heisman...and one of them stated that he was the "best double-move WR in the country".....but in your little head its just some right-wing conspiracy by good old CrabappleJoe. ROTFLMAO
  25. Why in heavens name would he not be a feature back in the NFL? He's first in TDs, second in rushing yards...has destroyed two top 15 defenses in consecutive weeks....has the best rushing YPC against ranked teams. Exactly what does he need to do to impress you. Old Petey Carroll made that same bet when he told the third leading rusher in U.S. highschool history that he could come to USC and be a blocking back....LMAO. Carroll's face on the sidelines was priceless today in the fourth quarter as that "blocking back" flipped him the bird and destroyed USCs season. But, hey "Rivals" had him listed as a "fullback" so Petey was just doing what he was told to do....ROTFLMAO.
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