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  1. He's legendary in hockey circles for doing the anthems at Blackhawks games. If you want to see him at his best check out his performances during the 2010 playoffs
  2. That day was my 12th birthday. I'm 22 right now and the memories still bring tears to my eyes.
  3. There's only two songs that are appropriate for today. The Star Spangled Banner God Bless America
  4. 1. Get Money, **** ******. 2. JPW sucks 3. Froman sucks
  5. NO. that guy sucks and will be nothing but trouble.
  6. that sir is no longer a fine gentleman
  7. I'll take "lrn 2 internetz" for $500.
  8. I find it incredibly difficult to achieve REM sleep status while atop a marine mammal that lives in the vast oceans of the world.
  9. I pray for you. I pray that one day the error in your ways comes to fruition in your mind. One day you may even present preservation from the pits of Pluto... Also, Go Dirty Birds.
  10. I'm sorry sir but I am a man of virtue and engage in no such heinous hobbies from Hades.
  11. the WOOSH you just heard was the sarcasm going over your head.
  12. Both Houston and Indy play under a retractable roof, buddy. Go to Indy. Peyton Manning is one of those players you should go out of your way to see live, just once. There aren't many of those players in the league right now (Manning, Brady, maybe Brees). You can tell your kids you saw arguably the greatest QB of all time live.
  13. I don't care what they wear. They can show up in pink and purple for all I care; as long as for the last game of the season they're wearing a super bowl patch on the shoulder. Dumb.
  14. I'd really like to get my hands on the Falcons' playbook. Just to see what its like. The 2003 Patriots playbook is a pretty neat read. anyway, if we lose to the Bears in week one its no big deal. Opening day games can be bizarre. The real test is week 2.
  15. Pats/Colts is annually the most anticipated regular season game, and usually one of the best. Has there ever been a regular season game in the NFC that garnered as much hype as the Super Bowl the year before it? Pats/Colts did in 2007.
  16. Looks like the NFL went out of their way to make **** sure that we finally get Vick vs Ryan in the Georgia Dome, on national TV no less. Love the Saints in primetime at the end of the season. But the lockout ever looms.
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