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  1. Hold up. Josh Freeman is still in the league??? :-p
  2. Hoppy™

    He Mad

    Imagine actually WINNING ONE, as opposed to handing a sympathy trophy to a post-Katrina team of cheaters! I'd rather wait for a LEGIT championship than gloat over one which wasn't earned. As much as I hated seeing the Bucs win their's, at least it was EARNED.
  3. Is that a wound? I thought a squirrel had taken up permanent residence on his face...
  4. hahahahaha... Now THERE'S a character I haven't seen around here in a while...
  5. hahahahaha I love hearing this one... It's as if Aints fans believe he'll be starting on defense.
  6. .....I always joked that, despite suffering a hangman's fracture (broken neck) and grade 3 concussion, the best part of that accident was forgetting about that game by the next day. :-)
  7. I'm not sure of the extent of McGinest's PCS, but I suffered a grade 3 concussion in a car accident (11 car pileup on I 75 the night of our playoff loss to the Cards in '08) and my post-concussion syndrome was so severe that, for the first 6 months or so, I couldn't even recall people whom I had seen the previous day... I had to undergo all sorts of brain testing and see a neuropsychologist for the first year... I have only started to completely regain my mental faculties in the past two years... Though my memory eventually recovered over a period of about three years, it was a very slow an
  8. Not sure about Hunt, but I'd be fine with Ogletree in the 1st..... And either Johnathan Hankins or Jessie Williams in the second would be awesome.....
  9. Good question, MSalmon.... The two obviously go hand-in-hand and complement one another...... Personally, I'll take the talented front seven.... I'm a strong believer in the age-old notion that games are won and lost in the trenches.... With a great front seven, you not only take a lot of pressure off your secondary by giving opposing QBs less time to get rid of the ball and opposing WR's less time to get open, but a strong front seven is also paramount to shutting down the run.... The more chaos you can create at the LOS, the better....
  10. I've got all the respect in the world for Wilfork.... I would've probably gone on the offensive and dragged out everything from Ted Johnson's wife-beating incident to his meth addiction.... What a friggin' meathead.
  11. I'll have to start this thread from the beginning..... I honestly can't remember race ever having been brought up in this thread..... Until now, of course.
  12. 1. Aints 2. Iggles 3. forty whiners 4. Bucs 5. Panties
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