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  1. Some "football" fans pretend to know anything about football. But they don't and because they don't. They go out of their way to troll. So quit feeding the troll. Matt Ryan is the best QB the Falcons have ever had, bar none. Him having a bad game is not enough for me to not support our Quarterback. If you don't have someone like Matt Ryan, that last drive to give us a chance to win the game doesn't happen. Now get the **** out of here "atl"king.
  2. I sure am glad we don't make the decisions around here.
  3. I'm cooking up a plate of crow for mister 99. I'll have it ready by 4.
  4. This will be the best offense the Texans will face thus far. You think we only score 18 points? I hope you show up to eat your crow tomorrow buddy.
  5. Not a chance! Every week in 2012 we were the underdogs. No matter how many games we won. But who cares! It's something I've come to expect from the national media.
  6. Look brother, I realize you're amped about your Bengals defense. But this is a new year. Your defense played a really terrible Flacco & co offense, with no Ray Rice mind you. Steve Smith is a great wide out but he's nothing like he used to be. I'd hold off ALL of your thoughts until Sunday. Your defense will be tested. Bank on it. Also, to think that Matt & co won't put up more than 17 points is kind of silly. It will be fun to read your boards come 4:30 Sunday afternoon. Win or lose here's to a good game with no injuries! Atlanta 31 Cinci 24
  7. Because most Saints "fans" only joined the bandwagon in 09. I personally have a coworker who mysteriously became a Saints fan during the 09 superbowl because I was wanting the Colts to win. Ever since then he's hugged Drew Brees' nuts like no other and constantly talks **** to me about the Falcons. Oh my god it was GLORIOUS today. Of course I took it upon myself to make up a box of excuse cards.. literally. I presented them to him and told him to stick his hand in the box and he could use that excuse as to why the Saints lost. He didn't like that one bit.
  8. This **** made me laugh for a good ten minutes.
  9. It's all about perspective. Pundits and fans can't stand the idea of Matt Ryan actually being a good football player. They will always hinge games on him. Why? Because that's just the way it is. Matt Ryan did not lose that 2012-13 season NFC Championship game. Our trash defense did. Matt Ryan has laid a few eggs in his career. Notably in the playoffs versus the Packers in 2010-11 season and the Giants in 2011-12 season. Sadly, this is all he gets remembered for. None of his other stats count. I've watched EVERY game Matt Ryan has played in a Falcons uniform. I've watched him be a really good q
  10. While generally I'm a supporter of dominating the Saints. This game is going to be anything but "easily won." The Falcons will be challenged through the entire game. I would love to see a stomping of the swamp rats. But honestly, this game will come down to the wire I feel. Falcons 28 Stains 23.
  11. I've been a fan since Deion Sanders. There has not EVER been a time I've been this amped up for a home opener. I want to see the fans blow the roof off the dome. I will be absolutely crushed if we lose. But I know we aren't. Stains fans will get a huge helping of reality come 4:00 pm Sunday afternoon.
  12. Every year since 2009 the Saints fans have become increasingly annoying. Their obsession with the Atlanta Falcons is hilarious. Granted they have a good QB. They have a Super Bowl win*. But these are bandwagon fans. Nothing more. Ask one of these clowns who Aaron Brooks is. Billy Joe even. They wouldn't know. They probably didn't even know that Jake Delhomme was a Saint for a short stint. I have no doubt in my mind that in this new year of NFL football, the Stains are going to wet the bed. It starts with us week one. Birds 35 Stains 17.
  13. The amount of uneducated football talk in this thread is pretty darn hilarious. Matt Ryan fan or not some of the crap I've read is too funny. To you trolls. It's hilarious how you guys try to make this out to be about yourselves. "We've been vindicated". LOL!! What?! This entire team sucks this year. From TD to the water boy. If you're all going to blame anyone it should be EVERYONE! You people should put away your brooms and pitchforks and take a break from here for about a week. I promise it will do you some good. Swift and #1 pick are two of the biggest idiots on this board. It's like read
  14. These pundits will carry their bags of excuses against the Falcons all the way up to the Super Bowl in which case even if we win the Super Bowl we will still be ranked 3rd in the power rankings because... well... Super Bowls don't count if the Falcons play in them.
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