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  1. To me it looked like those other guys were posting about Sanu and he was reposting it on his Instagram story. Julio is not as active on social media so theres nothing to repost.
  2. Alright ill break the ice... Mike Vick Dont think of him much now though. Bless his "didnt give it my all" heart.
  3. What a sad record
  4. Imagine being named Greedy
  5. I figured we wouldn't consider Berry since we have Neal, Rico and Kazee. How would you see us using him and where would that leave our other 3 safeties ?
  6. If BB ever left New England and was open to joining another team, how much would he get paid
  7. I wonder if he's regretting coming here
  8. I don't have anything valuable to add. Just wanted to take part in such a good thread.