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  1. I appreciate the posts with pics + a description of why. +points to posts with red/black vehicle.
  2. I was about to put "great player just picked too soon". Then I realized I dont follow college football, I dont watch any tape, and it's all based off other people's reaction to the pick. Don't be that guy
  3. Leave it to the Falcons to win a Superbowl the one year games are played without an audience
  4. I feel exactly the same. I dont hate what we have, the old one is just perfect
  5. The old logo is so much better than the new one. The throwback uniforms are also better, the new ones are aight. Better than what we had. I say that after looking at the slide of pictures on that Julio IG post.
  6. Well that was anticlimactic Better than what we had though
  7. I just want to know what the obsession is with toilet paper. Do they think explosive diarrhea is a symptom?
  8. I might be wrong but I think Kobe knew how to fly and had his own helicopter
  9. That Edelman gif just ruined my weekend
  10. all this tells me is that the bad teams are throwing more since they're playing from behind and the good teams are running more since they're ahead and running out the clock. I wouldnt say it necessarily translates to having good or bad lines. I do agree with it all starting with the lines though and having improved lines would be a great help.
  11. To me it looked like those other guys were posting about Sanu and he was reposting it on his Instagram story. Julio is not as active on social media so theres nothing to repost.
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