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  1. pretty corner?? pretty corners dont usually make it in the nfl
  2. still think coleman gonna lead the team in tackles dis year????
  3. ay tony gilbert on his way...i can see him in the rotation mix this season with the linebackers
  4. i bet he leads the team in tackles this year...im the first to say it
  5. http://www.missouri.fandome.com/video/1115...w-William-Moore A closer look at the Falcons' picks: Round 2/55 -- William Moore, SS, 6-1, 221, Missouri...At this time last year, Moore was projected to be a top-10 pick if he'd entered the 2008 draft. He was slowed by an ankle injury last season and his weight fluctuated. He's known as an intimidator who delivers punishing hits, but the Falcons timed him at 4.45 seconds in the 40-yard dash. "He's a strong safety-slash-free safety. He definitely has the versatility. He is a downhill, blow you up, kind of tackler. He also has range. He's a mid-4-4 guy, so he also has speed. ... This guy definitely brings speed and urgency to our football team." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECmaOrrrdHA The Atlanta Falcons drafted Thomas DeCoud in the third-round of the 2008 NFL Draft. At 6'0", 197 lbs., he isn't a big guy. However, he had the reputation in college of being a monster hitter, racking up 116 tackles in his senior year. To date he has been limited to playing special teams, an area he excelled in at Cal (he blocked six kicks as a two-year starter), but with the release of Lawyer Milloy, DeCoud finds himself in a position to perhaps win the starting safety role in the Falcon's secondary. He has the size, the speed, and the potential to be solid at the position, but he will need to work on his pass coverage skills and suppress his urge to go for the big hit every time. His eagerness to de-cleat an opposing player has sometimes led to him biting too quickly on plays and missing the tackle altogether. However, beyond that, his vertical ability could make him great in pass coverage once he learns to read play action and make the proper breaks on the ball. For all his tackling and hitting prowess in college, he was not much of a threat to intercept. He has the versatility to play any position in the secondary, he started at cornerback and was later moved to the safety position in college; he has also played some free safety as well, showing that he has the speed and ability to play anywhere on the field. As the Falcons look ahead to the draft, the safety position has been on their mind a bit, there are still some mocks with safety, Louis Delmas, being the guy chosen at 24. That could have more to do with DeCoud's value as a special teams guy and less with his inability to play safety. Hard to know for sure. What is certain, though, is this: DeCoud has the potential to be a solid player for the Falcons and no matter who they draft, he will likely have the first crack at replacing Milloy and unearthing the potential that Dimitroff saw in him last year. WE HAVE TO YOUNG UNIQUE SAFETIES...SO NO WORRIES BUT IN MY OPINION... DECOUD COLD TAKE THE SPOT
  6. thats a little reach aint it...i say bout 7-8 come on lets be realistic
  7. well i guess that goes to show our linebacker core was very sorry because lawyer milloy racked up 93 tackles -_- hopefully Nicholas changes that
  9. just a random statement but i feel it needs to be said...micheal jenkins speed on madden is 89 i mean come on now -_-
  10. and did i forget to say ryan is better and a more complete quarterback than vick is but VICK JUST STANDS OUT because he is THE MICHEAL VICK
  11. Honestly have u thought of the fact that if vick did well lets say possibley play for us again & we let him play 1-2 quarters he will outshine ryan and every other QB on the roster but thats from a athletic point of view..if that happens vick will not be tradable
  12. FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- When William Moore needs a boost of energy or a shot of inspiration he looks to his wristband, sock, or another piece of equipment that he's marked with the No. 25. That's the number of a friend and teammate, Aaron O'Neal, who died in July 2005. "Whenever I feel like I can't go the extra step, I think about Aaron and what he put on the line," the Falcons safety said. The rookie has only worn the number to honor his friend once. But well before the Falcons drafted him he planned on using the jersey in the NFL. That opportunity will come sooner rather than later. Cornerback Von Hutchins will give Moore No. 25 in exchange for a donation to the Lupus Foundation of America. Hutchins' mother has lupus, and the six-year veteran supports the Georgia chapter of the foundation. He said he's happy to help the rookie carry the memory a teammate, adding he has worn four different numbers since high school and isn't attached to No. 25. "It will be a great opportunity for both of us to do something that's special to both of our hearts," he said. Moore and O'Neal redshirted as freshmen and spent practices together on the scout team. They relished the opportunity to get the offense ready for the next game and dreamed about their coming time in the spotlight. "We used to try to disrupt the offense and give them a great look every game," Moore said. " He was so competitive; we clicked from day one... He talked so much about how he wanted to be a Tiger. He grew up with Missouri football. He could not wait to play." Missouri honored O'Neal through what would have been his four-year career. The No. 25 was not issued to any player during that span, though seniors took turns wearing it last season. Moore got the jersey on Senior Day. The contents of O'Neal's locker were also left undisturbed for the past four years. At the Tigers' spring game, the university presented items the team used to honor their teammate to O'Neal's family, including pictures that hung in the locker room. At the same time Moore made his intentions known to the family. "Aaron is always with me on the field," he said. The hard-hitting safety found ways to remember O'Neal through college, saying he often thought of his friend during tough times on the practice field. He finished with a record-breaking career, leaving Missouri as the school's all-time leader in interceptions returned for touchdowns (11). His 284 career tackles rank fourth all-time among Tiger defensive backs. Moore admits he was nervous about asking Hutchins for the number, but is happy he can honor a friend and support a noble cause. "I would have done that anyway," he said when asked about his conversation with Hucthins and the subsequent donation. " We're doing two good things at once." MARK MY WORDS THIS MAN WILL BE A BEAST IN THE SECONDARY...IM PREDICTIN AT LEAST 4-5 PICKS THIS YR SERIOUSLY
  13. not really we just finished it off he already committed suicide when he posted this thread
  14. well jus erase one of the stars & WALLA! it is now a 3 letter word
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