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  1. pretty corner?? pretty corners dont usually make it in the nfl
  2. still think coleman gonna lead the team in tackles dis year????
  3. ay tony gilbert on his way...i can see him in the rotation mix this season with the linebackers
  4. i bet he leads the team in tackles this year...im the first to say it
  5. http://www.missouri.fandome.com/video/1115...w-William-Moore A closer look at the Falcons' picks: Round 2/55 -- William Moore, SS, 6-1, 221, Missouri...At this time last year, Moore was projected to be a top-10 pick if he'd entered the 2008 draft. He was slowed by an ankle injury last season and his weight fluctuated. He's known as an intimidator who delivers punishing hits, but the Falcons timed him at 4.45 seconds in the 40-yard dash. "He's a strong safety-slash-free safety. He definitely has the versatility. He is a downhill, blow you up, kind of tackler. He also has range. He's a mid-4-4 g
  6. thats a little reach aint it...i say bout 7-8 come on lets be realistic
  7. well i guess that goes to show our linebacker core was very sorry because lawyer milloy racked up 93 tackles -_- hopefully Nicholas changes that
  9. just a random statement but i feel it needs to be said...micheal jenkins speed on madden is 89 i mean come on now -_-
  10. and did i forget to say ryan is better and a more complete quarterback than vick is but VICK JUST STANDS OUT because he is THE MICHEAL VICK
  11. Honestly have u thought of the fact that if vick did well lets say possibley play for us again & we let him play 1-2 quarters he will outshine ryan and every other QB on the roster but thats from a athletic point of view..if that happens vick will not be tradable
  12. FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- When William Moore needs a boost of energy or a shot of inspiration he looks to his wristband, sock, or another piece of equipment that he's marked with the No. 25. That's the number of a friend and teammate, Aaron O'Neal, who died in July 2005. "Whenever I feel like I can't go the extra step, I think about Aaron and what he put on the line," the Falcons safety said. The rookie has only worn the number to honor his friend once. But well before the Falcons drafted him he planned on using the jersey in the NFL. That opportunity will come sooner rather than later. Cornerba
  13. not really we just finished it off he already committed suicide when he posted this thread
  14. well jus erase one of the stars & WALLA! it is now a 3 letter word
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