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  1. Great point about Butler. We are in the middle of a pro football factory, and you'd think we would have a front office that could take advantage of that. But, when you go and get Pac-10 and west coast guys to run your franchise, this is what you get SMH.
  2. Signing "Hot Rod" Blankenship would be too smart for this franchise. He's a kid that as a kicker would draw a ton of support coming from UGA, and the kid has a strong leg and ice water in his veins. All that means we would never draft him SMH.
  3. it's looking like that's a good possibility with the way this defense is playing now...
  4. Honestly at this point this team just needs to lose on Sunday (yeah I said it) and just go HOME. Reboot, re-evaluate, and come back next season ready for war with no pressure and few expectations. This is a sloppy, un-focused, undisciplined team that can't close games, can't protect the QB, can't run the football inside the redzone, and has no real offensive identity. The defense has played reasonably well, but they don't turn teams over enough to be a LEGIT top-10 defense. I just cannot take another 2 weeks of this....just take your ball and go home. Literally.
  5. Wow...Kirby is a maniacal recruiter....that's one thing that made me so excited about having him replace Richt. Because for whatever reason, Richt just could not consistently keep up with the Alabama's and LSU's of the world. This class is going to be something to see. And it's all born out of pure competition and the drive to be champions. Buckle in fellas....next 4-6 seasons are about to be a helluva ride!
  6. I think Free may need to alter his playing style a bit to be able to maximize his time in the NFL....I've noticed that because he's so physical and will run DB's over regularly, it seems to me guys are giving him more shots than I see other RB's take. Could just be me, but I wish the best for him and hope he can give the Falcons another 4-6 years.
  7. If this team can't put it together at this point, after literally giving away AT LEAST 3 wins this season (Only game we were thoroughly beat down in was the Patriots game) I'd have to say that we were never going to make much noise this season anyhow.
  8. Look at it like this.... We are 5-1 in the NFC which gives us a distinct advantage over other wild card teams. We can surely look to beat the Bucs twice, as they may not even have Jameis Winston. Even if they do, they are not a good team. That would put us at 8 wins. From there, if we split with the Saints and Panthers, that gives us 2 more wins right there which puts us at 10 wins. So, IF we cannot get past the Vikings, that would still put us at 10-6 which should definitely secure a wild card berth for us because we would still have a superior record in the NFC (9-3) and no other wild card contender will be close to that. Plus we're actually starting to turn teams over on defense, and we play the majority of our remaining schedule at home. I like our chances.
  9. Well taking this type of loss on the big stage is just so embarrassing.
  10. This is disappointing, but being from here my entire life I didn't let myself begin to think that we were REALLY going to win a title this year anyway. Oh well.
  11. That's true I suppose. But I would've enjoyed that moment SO much more had I known I wouldn't see another ship' in my lifetime SMH
  12. Mentally and physically dominated. Just like every Georgia team and franchise, they wet the bed.
  13. Yeah....he had a Tyrone Williams, Justin houston, Dunta Robinson, Etc Moment
  14. Exactly. And it even took Shanahan a year (A quite horrible year) to learn how to most effectively use the personnel here, and then in his second season everything started clicking. Unfortunately, I think with Sark, (Especially since his NFL experience is SO limited) this season he's going to be learning a bit on the fly. But, we're still talented enough to make a strong playoff run and I think we will. I think by mid season Sark should start to settle in. But my advice to Sark is...when all else fails, JUST GET 11 THE **** BALL. Hey, it worked for Dirk Koetter!
  15. Being able to run the Zone read effectively is another reason I think Fromm needs to start from here on out...
  16. Yes! This is another reason it's such a major get for the Dawgs. We are slowly building a powerhouse in Athens!
  17. I agree. But IF this season is going to turn into something special, we will need Nauta to become a much bigger part of the offense. Better defenses (Looking at you Auburn, Florida and Alabama) will require us to have another threat to count on.
  18. I think that with the hyper-competitive environment that Kirby has created, it's a blessing. Ever wonder how and why Alabama keeps their roster 3-4 deep with 4-5 star talent? It's because they let the best players take the field, and at no time is your position safe. You perform well and practice well and you start. This creates such a super competitive environment to where game action probably becomes a lot less stressful, and it allows you to always have the most competitive kids out there, because no matter how many stars you were rated as, you gotta EARN it.
  19. I've heard the same thing from family and friends who are in Athens and around some of the program "Insiders". Honestly with Justin Fields coming, I don't blame him for looking into other options. Because from what I'm hearing and have seen of this kid (Watched him play a lot, I'm from Kennesaw) he's hungry and talented enough to start from day one. But Eason has also shown a tendency to stare down receivers, he doesn't do a great job on pre-snap coverage reads (See today's fumble), and his limited mobility I think also hinders him. I had high hopes for Eason, but it could be time for him to re-unite with coach Richt.
  20. Because the right side of the line has become the weak link due to Shraeder's injury, and Chester retiring and having to replace him with a far less experienced player. The left side of the line is holding up pretty well and Mack is having a stellar season thus far so I think overall we'll be okay.
  21. I agree. But I must say, even from the first game against App state....something is off with Eason. He just really doesn't seem to control the huddle, he doesn't play with confidence, and it even seems to me that maybe his team mates don't have a high level of confidence in him. He's a shoe in NFL talent, but I'm not sure if he'll ever see the field again in meaningful game snaps at UGA. From the very beginning of the off season we now know why we heard how much respect Fromm has with his team mates. I just don't see it with Eason.
  22. Interesting to hear Bills coach Mcdermott say to Ryan at the end of the game "I know you didn't have your weapons"
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