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  1. I don't think it had anything to do with Ryan. It had to do with play calling,penalties and defense that couldn't handle the last 15 minutes.
  2. worst sports lost in Atlanta history? yep. it was also the worse loss in Superbowl history.
  3. It's just a game and you're not even actually on the team. We lose football games, don't break your own hard earned stuff because someone else decided to play a game stupid.
  4. Matt Ryan made those two plays, why in the world would you take them away? Talking about the definition of a hater, "He did it, but let's pretend he didn't so we can say he sucks". WTF man?
  5. I hope they hire him. http://www.giants.com/news-and-blogs/article-1/Giants-interview-Mike-Smith-for-Head-Coach-position/06196504-c5d1-48e1-ba80-ef530801ba6e
  6. this is the move Blank makes if he wants winners in leadership positions.
  7. He wins this game mentally, that's what it takes to win as an OC. he's good to go, don't you remember who was calling the shots when he was injured in Indy? He was sitting in the OC box upstairs.
  8. no, his heart is in football, he'll never leave the game.
  9. He's ready to be a hall of fame quality offensive coordinator. We need his brain involved with this offense, he's done as a player but will never leave the game.
  10. they look like they are just there to collect a check
  11. Yeah lets trade a top 10 quarterback so that we can spend 6-8 years looking for another one like the Bucs. good post.
  12. why would we do that when the 7th round picks never play anyway, just sit on a practice squad or the bench if they actually make the team. that would be a huge mistake.
  13. Albert Breer ‏@AlbertBreer 7m7 minutes ago I'm told Quinn will have a big staff, like Carroll's. Kyle Shanahan as OC, Richard Smith as DC, Raheem Morris as assistant head coach. told you guys, we've got a terrible dc.
  14. here is my proof, watch the video http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000466865/article/atlanta-falcons-to-name-dan-quinn-as-head-coach
  15. Oh I found an article on him Texans fans had been calling for the job of defensive coordinator Richard Smith for the better part of the season. http://www.chron.com/sports/texans/article/Texans-fire-defensive-coordinator-Richard-Smith-1769140.php
  16. NFL.com video Ion Rapport says he will be DC.
  17. Broncos linebacker coach, why him? I can't find nothing on him to say he's DC worthy.
  18. Matt Ryan not in Elite, Warrilow and Matthews in Bad, this article is bad.
  19. Take your shots under 10 yards, run first and second down, throw for 3rd. Most predictable crap I've ever witnessed.
  20. Getting a Kyle Orton lead team to the playoffs and winning with Tim Tebow isn't a disaster.
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