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  1. You don't deserve the hate you get. Props.

  2. Thanks complete noob. You obviously know less than nothing about what's going on here, you should join the Saints board, you'd fit right in.

  3. lol i love yer avatar pic dude

  4. Lol, I bet you have some fun on here being a Tech fan. I've gone out striper fishing a couple of times, there are some really nice lakes up here to fish at.

  5. At least you aint a dogs fan! Im a tech fan :)

    You ever do striper fishing up there in TN?

  6. i agree with a lot of the things you say...

    good posts

  7. ride the band wagon qu33r

  8. hates the saints!!!!!

  9. worst posts ever, you are a bucks fan who is too embarrassed to admit it.

  10. your such a ******* dumbass troll

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