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  1. We've had Hammer and Mort, now we need Jamal Anderson #32! I would love to see that, he's a character.
  2. No. That was the Steelers. I remember it vividly because it took my breath away and I thought "this is why we drafted this guy" and then... he drops it.
  3. I admit I was once part of the group of "downers" who thought Matty would never be able to throw a good deep ball. I just thought it was outside of his skill set and not everyone can do it. In recent weeks he has blown me away with not only his arm strength but his accuracy as well. Every time he has thrown a deep ball it has soared and either gets it right in stride or hits the receiver right in the chest. There have been a few exceptions here and there but most of his recent deep attempts have been beautiful. Now if those dang receivers will just work on catching the ball!
  4. In response to the topic title: Julio was on the field with everyone else, dropping catches as usual. Though he was only targeted one time that I can think of (other than the screen on a penalty that didn't count), his dropping passes has gone far beyond ridiculous. Enough is enough. That deep bomb was thrown perfectly by Matt; definitely should have been caught. On another subject, I don't want to hear another word about Matty's arm strength. He proved last week and today that he can throw 40+ yards all arm strength, no YAC included. That is standard NFL arm strength. Steve Young couldn'
  5. I think the only consistent candidates for both games are Matt Ryan and Tony Gonzalez. I don't know which I would specifically vote for, but they should definitely be nominated! EDIT: Forgot to put Turner.
  6. You realize that people are different, and heal differently, right? Some it takes 6 weeks, some it ends a career. I'm not saying Hayden will be forced to retire, but turf toe can be a very serious injury. I always expect the worst... can't help it.
  7. Man... this is just great. Without Hayden, we blow in pass coverage. We're bad enough as it is. If anyone thought we had a chance in the playoffs, it's shot down the drain now. There's definitely no way we can even slow down the good passing teams without him, and we will definitely have to face a good passing team in the playoffs. Owens was pretty decent at one time. Let's hope he can get it together... either that, or put in Walls or Franks. It can't get worse.
  8. He actually has done a good job though. His first catch had a great run after the catch. He flat out trucked that Aints player
  9. Coming up with excuses doesn't make anyone play better. I understand your point, and agree for the most part, but the ball hit Roddy right in the palms of his hands. That ball should have definitely been caught. Besides, he has dropped WAY too many passes this year, not just the play you are talking about. Trash talk is all fun and games until you start blowing on the field. As I said, Roddy has a key 4th down catch and a huge sideline catch towards the end of the game that was crucial, but his antics really need to stop. Obviously the drops are bad enough, but then you have to add all the
  10. It was pretty loud when we needed it to be. As the guy above said all the fans around me wanted us to go for it on 4th down. I wanted to as well, but I was thinking a QB sneak would have been the way to go. This was the first Saints game I've been to, and I didn't notice anyone really being classless. I sat on the home side though. I was more annoyed with GB fans in last year's playoff game than the Aints fans today.
  11. Today was the first time I ever have actually been disappointed with Roddy. He has been one of my favorite players in the NFL for the past few years, but today's performance was just awful. He did have a key 4th down catch, but as everyone else has said, he needs to shut his mouth and stop committing asinine penalties that significantly HURT the team... and enough with his drops. The drops are killing us too. Please Roddy, step up your game and go back to being the humble, dependable, great performer that you were in '07-'09. If you want to talk, at least be there for us like you were last
  12. 1. Jenkins just had his first 100 yard game, and is well on his way to his best season yet. He was a good receiver. He had a lot of drops but he made some crucial catches when we needed him. Glad we have Julio but I wouldn't bash Jenkins. 2. Can't argue with Busterson... 3. You call Ryan trash? Leading a 4-12 team to the playoffs instantly, bringing that team 3 straight winning seasons when it never had consecutive winning seasons before, and leading the team once again to the playoffs setting the franchise's second best record in history is hardly trash. 4. Finneran was like Jenkins. Dr
  13. What has led to the demise of this board is everyone calling everyone else a troll. If you say something bad about the team you're a troll, now if you say something good about the team you're a troll. Where does it end? All this "trolling" nonsense is has driven all the sane people off the board.
  14. This is a serious question: Why do you care if someone posts in an old thread? I'm not trying to start an argument or anything, just a question asked out of genuine curiosity. If you don't want to read it, don't click on it. That's the way I see it. No need to be all nazi on people - what if someone has something good to say but the thread just happens to be old?
  15. I have never noticed that... not on either QB, or anyone ever for that matter. When you guys turn on the game you must not be watching what you're supposed to be watching
  16. This is tough... Reeves' acquisitions obviously brought us our only Super Bowl appearance, but TD's acquisitions have built a potential dynasty. I guess I'll have to go with TD - because years of enjoyment beats one year of success.
  17. I pretty much agree with everything he said. Pretty hypocritical of him though to talk about the Falcons "whining" when he ends the segment whining "I can't stand the Falcons" in that obnoxious, whiny tone of voice. Other than that comment, I agree with everything else he said.
  18. Haha I was at the game and didn't even see what happened. No one in the stands around me knew either. It sounded like everyone in the dome was screaming "what happened?" haha Like the other guy said, no one knows and never will... unless it was indeed a shot at the guy's legs
  19. Yeah... the line has hardly given up any sacks in a while which is good, and Ryan's protection seems to be much better lately, but Baker is still the glaring weakness on the line. When he isn't getting bowled over he's holding. Why don't we switch Clabo and Baker? I mean at least that way Ryan could trust his blindside and would see it when Baker just lets someone past him.
  20. Could have been worse... at least he didn't call him Ovary.
  21. I have been surprised at the amount of man converge plays that have been called for Dunta this season. It's as if BVG has read my posts and directly answered them! Unfortunately, Dunta hasn't performed as I thought he would. While I still believe Dunta is better at man than zone, he still gives up play after play after play. I just don't understand it. In Houston, he appeared to be so sharp at defending man-to-man. We bring him here and he does virtually nothing. I think the only reason we had the minor success last year with him was because of his popularity and status. Opponents knew
  22. That's what I'm thinking... but if the line doesn't protect we won't be able to pass against even the worst teams of the NFL. It's not Ryan's fault. I mean if the man only has 2 seconds before a hit no human could possible throw with that amount of time. Routes can't even develop in that amount of time. That's why I say, if we can get the line fixed we'll win games this year, but if the line doesn't improve I honestly don't think we'll have a winning season.
  23. I don't know. If this game were wk. 3 I probably would have said yes... but until we get the O-line fixed we are not going to win many games. We should win this one, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's a close one since our line is atrocious. Get the line fixed = win, but unfortunately line fixes don't come that quickly and easily. If the line plays like it did against TB, we'll be lucky to get a 20-14 victory.
  24. Wow... you guys are crazy panickers haha Roddy has four drops and you guys are afraid the team has no confidence and we're so cocky we won't win any games? How do you even come to that conclusion so quickly? Tony G had a drop in the game too just so you know. I guarantee that the root of all our problems this year is the O-Line. If we get that fixed, we WILL win games. We just had a bad game. Every team has its day. The Patriots lost to the freakin' Bills.
  25. The O-Line has been the obvious "goat of the game" if you will for this entire season. I'm not just jumping on the bandwagon with the hate for Baker, but I specifically watched him for a few series against TB and he really was absolutely terrible. I first started watching him on our first drive where we got the no huddle going and we got a FG (I think). Haven't re-watched the game so I'm not sure if that was the exact drive, but I remember counting 7/8 plays on that drive Baker literally made contact, then let the defender right by him. The rest of the line hasn't been doing a good job eit
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