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  1. Same here... I wanted to Edwards and Hayden last year. I think Hayden performed extremely well for his first year in a new scheme. Even if it hasn't been his first year for us, he still played better than Franks and Owens. I don't think calling him a bad FA pickup because of his unjuries makes sense. I understand you need to acquire players that can actually spend time on the field, but injuries are something a GM can't control. Edwards on the other hand, makes more sense to be called a bad pickup. His lack of production was on him. Let's just hope he gets on track this upcoming season,
  2. I picked Grimes and Lofton. Only reason I didn't pick Abe is considering FA / draft replacement. He certainly has gas in the tank, so it would be great to re-sign him, but at his age, finding a worthy replacement soon isn't a bad idea. We would be screwed without Grimes, period. Lofton is too much of a playmaker to not re-sign. Not only was his run attack exceptional this year, but he really stepped up in the pass game as well.
  3. I seriously would as well. Flacco just doesn't seem to be the winner that Ryan is. I hear "a QB is judged on whether or not he can win in the playoffs" all the time, and I get sick of it. By that rule, that would mean that Mark Sanchez is a better QB than Ryan, and that Brady (who lost last 3 playoff games before this season) is worse than Flacco. It just doesn't make any sense. No QB wins every single game of his career, and our playoff games just happen to be 3 losses out of Ryan's impressive winning record. I'm not making excuses by any means, we definitely need to win a playoff game.
  4. Yeah, he was. That's what I keep thinking of. They were on fire that year in the passing game. Randal was chucking it deep to Moss, and Carter was their posession guy. Sort of like what we have in Julio and Roddy. I'm starting to really hope we get Billick here. EDIT: They also had a solid run game in Smith, which we have in Turner. Looks like he would have all the weapons he had on the Vikes back then. Another note: they went 15-1 that season.
  5. I thought there was some way to cut players without having to pay the cap penalty. Maybe it's not applicable here, or maybe there is no such way. Renegotiating contracts to not include a signing bonus may be a long shot, but I guess that would be our only hope as far as trades / releases go.
  6. Yeah but I'm hoping we re-sign Lofton, Grimes, McClure - and possibly Abe. Regardless of who I want, our re-signings are going to eat up the cap. Isn't that the issue? I thought Dunta and Ray were extremely high paid. That's why I was saying if we could cut Ray. If Hayden weren't injury prone, I would say re-sign him and cut Dunta.
  7. If we could somehow cut Ray Edwards, and not re-sign Abe, then could we afford him? I would be satisfied with Mario and Beirmann. If we could keep Abe, it woud be a dream come true to have Mario and Abe.
  8. How can you not re-sign Lofton? He was absolutely amazing this year. Grimes is also a must, regardless of scheme. He is just a pure cover corner, and one of the bast at that. HD needs to be signed as well. I don't think there is a better slot receiver out there that we could get for the same money, so might as well sign HD. He's solid to say the least. We definitely need McClure for another year. Having him gone as well as Harvey and no LT would just bee too much for the line. The less work we have to do on the line the better. I think we could get by without resigning Hayden and Sande
  9. On Kiffin, "He previously served 26 years as an NFL assistant coach, including 13 years as defensive coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. His defensive units have finished ranked in the top 10 in points allowed and yards allowed 10 times during that period, an NFL record." "He is widely considered to be one of the preeminent in modern football, as well as one of the greatest defensive coordinators in NFL history. Father of the widely imitated “Tampa Cover 2” defense, Kiffin's philosophy is one of the most influential in modern college and pro football." While I don't want our soft shell c
  10. I think he just meant that he's not willing to take the risk at this point, like me. BVG was straight from college right? While our defense was good this year, it just wasn't good enough on the professional level. That's why i want an experienced NFL defensive coach who has been there and done that to take our D to the next level.
  11. I didn't even know he was still in the business. He sure knows how to execute good defense when he has a great LB corpse, and we have that here. I wouldn't mind TD bringing him home.
  12. ... and all college coaches for that matter. I know some college coaches turn out to be great in the NFL, but I'm ready for Mr. Blank to spend some real money and get a top-notch, professional coordinator (if available). Wade Philips to Houston is the most recent example of how a pro-level coordinator can make a huge impact. I don't remember the exact rank, but HOU was close to last in the league giving up explosive plays in the passing game last year. Now, under Philips, didn't they move into top 10? Regardless of ranks, just watching HOU this year, it was evident that their defense had im
  13. I didn't really feel like Roddy's drops were a result of regression. The drops were just stupid on his part. I don't understand how he continued to drop passes all season long, but I would be surprised if he does the same next season. I don't think Dunta regressed in coverage, he was always bad, but I certainly don't remember his tackling being that dramatically bad last season. I can understand your point of view on that aspect of his game. On Ray Edwards, I just think he was a poor FA pickup. He really wasn't that good when he was with Minnesota. If you watch tape you see that almost ev
  14. Am I the only one who thinks we didn't regress this year? Yeah, our record was worse than last year but I thought everyone on the team played better except the offensive line. I could also add Abe's supposed injury in as well. Aside from the offensive line and Abe's injury, I thought everyone on the team played better. We just played better teams than us this year, and all the injuries certainly didn't help us. I'm not saying changes don't need to be made, but I just don't feel like we really regressed. I thought our players actually played better individually this season. I really hope M
  15. 2. None / One 6. Garrison Hearst 12. Grits Blitz just can't remember the year my mind is blank!
  16. I'm talking about the Ovie one, don't remember it, and want to see it. Already saw the Weems one
  17. Anyone have a video / GIF of that? I don't remember that one.
  18. That was a good episode. I've like all of them... that's why I say, they need Jamal Anderson #32 next. I think Jam would make a good guest on the show.
  19. And not even that makes sense. The Aints let the Pack walk all over them. They just had an offense to come close to keeping up with them. If that's the case, the analysts should say we could beat them. We held them to a relatively low amount of points this season and almost kept up with them on offense... if we can get our second half woes fixed I would honestly say we have a good chance of beating them (assuming Grimes and Hayden are 100%).
  20. I would agree, but I've heard that if a line hasn't played together before they won't play well together. I've never played the game, but that's always what I've heard. Like I said though, I agree. At times, it looks like the line really couldn't get any worse. Note to staff: Just don't put Baker in. Goodness, I don't believe I've seen a worse linemen this season.
  21. Yeah, I like Tony... but that does sound sort of dumb to say we give up a lot of points. That's not as bad as Tom Waddle on NFLN during our highlights yesterday. During Julio's 17 yard TD clip he said, "The Falcons receivers do a great job catching the ball with their hands." I think he might have even said we're some of the best at it, but maybe I dreamt that. We all know how we lead the league in drops, and Julio and Roddy haven't had the best hands at all this year.
  22. And of course, The Beach Boys top 2 - "Little Saint Nick" and "Man With All the Toys".
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