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  1. Yes, NFL Network is airing the '98 NFC Championship original broadcast at 8:00 p.m. EST and again tomorrow 12:00 a.m. at 11:00 a.m. I'm going to record this on DVD in superb quality and cut the commercials. If anyone wants this game on DVD free send me a p.m.!!!! (I'm afraid to say how you get it as I might get banned)
  2. I remember someone saying this was their favorite Falcons moment they saw live, and they have that in common with me. So I decided to upload to youtube. I know this may need to be moved but I couldn't really find a better suiting board... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sepJQP0r4iw...feature=channel From the original broadcast of the game on FOX. Video became slow-mo when I uploaded for some reason, and in the replay the dive was cut off, sorry. This video is strange to work with, I've never had such problems before...
  3. Well, not exactly... he deserves to be drowned or killed in some other harsh way as he did to plenty of innocent animals.
  4. I'd like to see both Vick and Brooking go to Detroit. They might be able to bring the Lion's record up to maybe 1-15.
  5. I'm glad. He obviously wasn't any good this season, and I wasn't surprised. Though, I remember back in the day when he played with the Falcons. Good times those were, good times.
  6. I wasn't rubbing it in your face. This was news to me and though it might be to you guys too. I'm very disappointed in him because JAM is who inspired me to get interested in and play football. I remember being about 6 yrs old in '98 and watching him barrel through defenders every play, every game. I thought it was amazing.
  7. I agree. Call me an untrue fan, but everything '98 is my favorite, including unis, roster, and coaches.
  8. !!! Michael Vick just arrested on charges of dog fighting !!! When I find out more I'll let you guys in on the info...
  9. Ha ha ha, give a guy a break. I just heard about this!
  10. Well excuse me for trying to start an interesting topic...
  11. Yes, our friend Jamal Anderson, the running back #32 of the 1998 Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl team has just been arrested, charged with the suspicion of illegal narcotics. Police say he was caught sniffing cocaine from a toilet seat near downtown Atlanta. Anderson was a rookie to the NFL and Falcons franchise in 1994, and played on the 1998 Super Bowl team. He also held the franchise record for single season touchdowns until late 2008, when current running back Michael Turner broke Anderson's record. After suffering from several knee injuries, his career ended in 2001. Since, Anderson has w
  12. Vick sucks. He could throw far, but not accurate. He also made a lot of bad reads. I know everyone already knows this but for the topic starter, Vick lost us the NFC Championship back in the '04 season. As he did in every game, there would be men wide dang open and Vick would choose to either run, or scramble away and get sacked. He sucked. The only reason we got so far was because of our defense and offensive line at the time. Dunn really wasn't all that great when he didn't get blocking, and same for Vick. Plus he rarely threw to a receiver, that's why Roddy White was a no-name back
  13. I'm sorry it's a little off subject, but what is OTP? You said Jamal Anderson announced it on OTP. Is it a TV show, radio show? What?
  14. I heard there are plans for a new retractable roof stadium. It's supposedly going to be built where the Doraville GM Assembly plant is now. Arthur Blank says attendance should be higher because the population of suburban areas out-weighs the metro ATL area (even though whenever I go to a home game I'm happy to drive downtown). He also said the Falcons' lease to the Dome will end in 2020, and by the time they get it paid off it will already be 2015. I'm sorry I don't remember where I heard it, but it was on the net. And I like the dome, personally. I have good memories of going to it for
  15. I only started liking football in '98, when we did so well in the reg. season. It got me interested. I was only about 7 yrs old at the time. Anyway, the best was obviously the NFC Championship live on TV, if that counts. The worst, which I actually went to the game for, was back in 2001 I think it was, and the St. Louis Rams beat us 35 - 6. I remember the very first play of the game (we recieved) Chris Chandler threw a interception and the Rams' guy ran it back for a TD. Then I remember they put a rookie (I think he was at the time) Mike Vick in with about 3 mins left in the 4th quarter
  16. You have to admit we've had seasons like that ourselves.
  17. Even though he was arrogant, you have to admit the Jimmy Johnson years were enjoyable to watch.
  18. Uhhh, a lot of people care son. That NFC Champ game was one of the best games ever played in NFL history, even John Madden has said so himself. Plus we had our best roster back then!
  19. Who else thinks it's assanine when idiots complain that the Vikes deserved the Super Bowl chance back in '98 when we spoiled their fun in the NFC Championship. I watched the re-airing the other night on the NFL Network and the two guys introducing the game (not Madden and Summerall of course) complained about how the Vikes deserved the win with their better record and what not. Wow, one less loss, we still had the second best record in the league at the time, with the Broncs that is.
  20. I don't hate the cowboys at all. Emmit Smith was one of my favorite backs of all time, next to Jamal Anderson of course. I understand where you guys are coming from though, with the "America's Team" and everything. I actually felt kind of bad for them in the Ravens game Sunday night. I mean right after they would work so hard to score late 4th, the Ravens would just effortlessly blow right past them and score right away.
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