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  1. What makes you think that most of the country has moved on from racism? It seems as if it's only intensified since Obummer was elected. Then again, it never really seemed calm, either. Unfortunately, racism is just human nature. I don't believe racism will ever "move on" from anywhere, but will always be present in all of society forever. It is odd though, that most people always seem to think others are racist, but never themselves. No one wants to admit they're racist, instead, they blame everyone else for it.
  2. If those are your views, then why are you always making smart arsed, argumentative comments toward the conservatives on this board? It's as if you diagree with everyone just for the fun of it.
  3. You've got that right. I find myself getting less and less involved with politics because neither side has a decent candidate in the race, and progress definitely won't be made with republicans shooting themselves in the foot like this.
  4. I'm surprised as well at the popularity of these stickers. Pun is obviously intended, and this certainly won't help the "Tea Party is racist" notion. What are they thinking?
  5. Gotcha... plus, apprantely I type slow. I'll be in the process of typing my repsonse to a post, and when I finally click the post button 4 replies have already been added and the issue is solved
  6. That doesn't make any sense... everyone complains about gas prices. Everyone drives trucks and SUV's. Everyone complains about how the president hasn't done anything to lower gas prices. I don't see one connection to racism.
  7. I didn't like Ron Paul for 2008. Mainly because of his views on the war, abortion, and gay marriage... but recently I've been watching a lot of videos of him on Youtube and have really come to like him. Unfortunately, the latest primary statistics show that Paul is in last place in almost every state. I don't understand why he's getting such little recognition. While I still don't agree with his views on the subjects mentioned above, he seems to be the only candidate on either side of the politcal spectrum that actually cares about the well-being of this country. I just sort of find it odd t
  8. I'm sorry I got angry with you. It's clear that your intelligence level is lower than that of an inanimate object. Maybe one day you'll find help and reduce your risk of harming yourself and others around you.
  9. I admit I don't understand the OP. Are you saying that Marines were litterally ordered to completely disarm? The Afghans certainly aren't unarmed... what sense does this make?
  10. I've had enough if your idiocy. Don't you ever dare tell me or anyone of my several cousins that have been to Iraq that, "the Iraqis did nothing to you". While I haven't been to Iraq myself, as a poolee in the Marine Corps I am trying to prepare myself to go to Afghanistan. The troops are told why they are there. I've heard from family and friends who have been, you don't need to be given a reason anyway because as soon as you get over there it's obvious what needs to be done. I can't speak for everyone who has been, I'm sure there are tropps that genuinely wonder why they were there... b
  11. That was my point with the story of my friend who had a spine operation. Not only is the case illegitimate morally, but it doesn't seem to make legal sense either. It's just like people who slip on rain at Wal-Mart and then attempt to sue the store for their accident.
  12. I mean just that, unconstitutional - not following the laws of the U.S. Constitution. It only means one thing... not exactly sure what you're looking for. If you're wanting examples, just google it. Numerous results will come up. The subject of this thread is an example. Throughout his entire presidency he has ignored the Constitution, and I'm sick of it... sick of people not caring and still supporting this president.
  13. Or we could make a real move for Mario and change to a 3-4, then Tat and Lofton could work together. I really haven't been on the bandwagon for converting to the 3-4, but I'm really liking this idea at the moment.
  14. What's with all the bashing to Lofton lately? Half the third downs converted on us were the secondary's fault. The LB's had their share of faults as well, but I thought Lofton improved dramatically in pass coverage this year. Why do we keep drafting / acquiring young players to develop, and just when they are hitting their prime, we let them go? Just doesn't make sense to me.
  15. When did I say Africa is a country? Oh right, I didn't. That's besides the point anyway. Why do you support a president that is completely unconstitutional? The Obummer administration is a direct insult to our founding fathers. People died for our Constitution and Obummer just sidesteps it as if it means nothing. Makes me absouletly sick. What's even more sickening, is the overwhelming amount of people, like you, who support this maniac and his minions.
  16. It's like I've said before, if I were to go to move to Africa, for example, I would have no problem showing identification when asked by authorities. Countries have borders for a reason. Voting is a right guranteed to our citizens... not just anyone. Why do illegal aliens think they deserve the same rights that our citizens have? I honestly don't understand it. It's obvious why the Obummer administration blocked the law... they know a large number of votes in their favor will come from illegal immigrants. I don't mean to just rant on the internet, but this really really bugs me. Why on Ea
  17. I have a friend who had a surgical operation performed on his spine. The surgeon apparently did something wrong with his spine, accidentally, and now my friend has to walk with a cane and has pains. This friend knew the doctor had made an honest mistake, and chose not to sue or seek damages of any kind. Sounds to me like the doctor who took a sample of the "wrong kind" of tissue, just made an honest mistake. These doctors are not God, they are not responsible for the baby's illness. Why should they have to pay this family? The fact that these liberal scum admit they would have committed mu
  18. I hate to spam this thread, but my 90's nostalgia easily gets the best of me.
  19. How has Sammo not been posted? That show was great.
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