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  1. Didn't mean they were the best in the secondary, just the best of our corners. Dunta misses way too many tackles. Owens is hit and miss. Some games he tackles well, others he doesn't. Grimes has been the most consistent in the tackling area. Saying that Grimes and Asante are the best tacklers of our corners doesn't mean they are great tacklers, they just happen to tackle better than the other corners on our roster. I guess that's just my opinion though.
  2. Grimes and Asante are. I still want Dunta at NB though. Grimes and Asante need to be the outside corners. Dunta missed more tackles last year than Sam Baker missed blocks. At least Baker would make contact but then become overpowered. Dunta just flat out missed runners. He is the hardest hitter, but not the best tackler. Like I said though, still happy with him at NB. I much prefer him there than Grimes.
  3. I don't know if by "your best moment" you mean times when we were actually at the dome, and not watching on TV... but I haven't really been to many games. I'm grateful to have been to many as I have been though. Anyway, my favorite moment that I saw in person was probably Roddy's game winner against Baltimore on Thursday Night Football. Second would be Weem's kickoff return TD against GB in the playoff. It was that moment that was fun, not the game haha. Third would have to be Turner's most beast run against TEN last year. Heck, let's just keep the Dome and forget a new stadium.
  4. I didn't watch last year's, but I did the year before. I distinctly remember the announcers saying the players had been told to go easy with the tackling and let the offense score. I was being sarcastic when I said "not allowed to tackle". If you have watched a recent pro bowl then how can you not notice the defensive players literally letting guys past them without even making an effort to tackle? Again, the pro bowl would be exciting if everyone played it like a real game. Goodell admits he doesn't like the lack of competitiveness, so why abolish the game itself, rather then asinine rules
  5. Grimes pretty much shut down the best receivers in the game last season... and you people are wanting Dunta to start? Grimes and Asante need to be starting. Why do my opinions on this subject seem to be in the minority?
  6. If Goodell is unsatisifed with "the lack of competitiveness" in the Pro Bowl, why doesn't he abolish the asinine rules instead of suspending the whole game? The only reason the Pro Bowl sucks now is because the defense has to let the offense score and players aren't even allowed to tackle. I'd love to see the Pro Bowl if everyone played it like a real game.
  7. Who is this saying Grimes will most likely play NB? Here I was excited to have Grimes and Asante, and now he's going to play the slot? What is it with our coaching staff's love for Dunta. I like him personally but c'mon WAY too many plays given up.
  8. Another sincere welcome here. I haven't really been paying much attention to our offseason, figuring we wouldn't acquire anyone new until the draft. When the Eagles first announced their plans to trade Samuel, I thought the offer was too good to be true. I was telling everyone I wish we would get him, but didn't really think we would because of cap (and an unagressive FO this offseason). It's been a pleasant surprise, and I will admit I haven't been this excited about an acquisition since Tony G. It's nice to know we finally have a true corner on the team. Grimes is obviously great but we
  9. We won't get a 1st round pick for Grimes, and even if we did, most players take time to develop. Like I said, trading Grimes would put us right back where were the last several seasons and the Asante pickup will be pointless.
  10. I seriously don't understand this trade talk. In my opinion the acquisition of Samuels would be pointless if we trade Grimes. You need two good corners to have a top pass defense. If we give Grimes away we'll be right back where were the last 3 seasons.
  11. What good will the trade be if Grimes leaves us? Then we'll be just where we were the last couple of seasons. One good corner and then Dunta. We need Grimes and Asante.
  12. Yeah I've been wondering for the past couple of days why PHI is giving him away at such a low price. I figued it must have had something to do with their cap, but still, surely they could have gotten more for him.
  13. Wow I hope this comes true. This will be the most excited I have been about an acquisition since Tony G
  14. Cut Dunta, sign Asante and Grimes. That's my dream. Trade Grimes for a 1st round pick if possible then trade a 5th or 6th for Asante. I don't like that idea as much but it's probably more realistic.
  15. I'd love to get him, but it won't happen. I think we'll save our cap for the draft. It would be an excellent surprise though.
  16. http://www.wboc.com/story/17388661/redskins-sign-madieu-williams Signed by Redskins
  17. Is it just me or does that girl in the video look like Aaron Rodgers? Imagine her with short dark hair and it looks just like him.
  18. Haha, I don't feel sorry for Favre either... but what the Saints did was absolutely disgusting. The punishment they received was not harsh enough. I am so absolutely disgusted by them, words cannot even describe the feeling. Disgrace to the state of Louisiana if you ask me.
  19. What's not hard to understand? Their false accusations? You think just because white supremacy existed in this country in the past, it's ok to accuse every white conservative of being racist? That's like saying because the Black Panthers were largely leftists, that every black liberal is racist... but you wouldn't like that would you? I wouldn't either, because neither would or do have any credibility.
  20. I'm just curious, what do you mean by "socialized oil and welfare gas"?
  21. I wasn't necessarily talking about racist "groups", rather, racist individuals. I just used the tea party as an example because it's probably the most popular of their absurd accusations.
  22. Yeah... I'm not racist but it does seem that 99% white racists are conservative, but why is that 99% of every other race that's racist, is always liberal? I'll tell you why, because the media caters to these other racists. Yes, the media IS racist. Have you noticed how CNN, MSNBC, and the other ridiculous liberal news networks are always desparate to point out white racists, but not racists of other ethnicities? The insist that the tea party is racist, they try to instill the image inside everyone's head that every conservative is racist. All they're doing is creating more racial tension t
  23. I don't like how every single candidate from either side of the spectrum, seems to be reading a script that caters to a specific group of people during every debate. Even though I don't agree with everything Paul says, he seems to be the only candidate that speaks from the heart and genuinely cares about the good of the country. I could be wrong about him, that's just the way he seems. Bush scared everyone away from the republican party. After his presidency, a lot of people were determined to vote democrat simply to have a president completely opposite Bush. Now I think Obama is sort of l
  24. I thought he said he was being sarcastic... but I don't blame you for asking. The vermin in the media seem to have their goal set on making the entire world theink that every republican / conservative is racist. It's funny how desparate they are to keep black conservatives out of the media, period.
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