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  1. Well your theory makes no sense. Yes we Christians beleive God is perfect, but we already know he created many things he hates. He created Satan from the very beginning. God created sin itself. That doesn't mean he is less than perfect, it means he intended to create evil. I'm not gay and I'm not God so I can't say it's 100% fact that no one is born gay. In my first post, maybe "prove" wasn't the right word to use. I just don't personally believe he would create someone to be born gay.
  2. Still, I stand by my argument made earlier. Is there a gay on this board that can explain this to me? If you call yourself gay, then why are you attracted to someone of your own sex but looks and acts like the opposite sex? I mean if you're a gay woman it would make sense for you to want an extremely attractive woman, not the butch man-looking kind of women. If you're attracted to the qualities of the opposite sex, then what makes you gay, other than your choice to be with someone of your own gender?
  3. It's funny you started this topic, because this thought just occured to me this weekend. If a gay girl is gay because she likes girls and not guys, then wouldn't her gf be a really hot girl? No, instead the lesbos all looks "butch" and manly. If a lesbian likes someone that's manly, why wouldn't you just like a guy? Same thing for a gay guy who likes a girly guy. If you like manly qualities, wouldn't you like a real manly guy? That to me proves it's choice. The people who call themselves gay just want to claim they were born gthat way so they can receive special treatment and get recognize
  4. Ryan isn't 100% perfect, but if Trent Dilfer could win a Super Bowl with a great defense, then Ryan definitely could. I mean, you could say the defense lost us the NFC Championship... and I know Ryan got hurt, but if he had just scored us one more touchdown we would have won. Of course, our defense is at fault. They can't only play one half and expect to win. I agree that if Ryan was on the Ravens they would have already won the SB, or at least gotten there. Flacco was pretty darn good this season, but even with his great play, I still honestly think Ryan is better. Flacco just doesn't carr
  5. Yeah I guess you could say that, but I wouldn't. I mean, had his career not been marred by injuries I'm sure he would be one of the greats. Chris Chandler on the other hand had some crazy games here, but the team as a whole was inconsistent during his tenure. If he had Roddy, Julio, and Tony he may have been one of this franchise's greats as well. That's not a knock on Ryan though, I still think he's better than Chandler. It just needs to be pointed out that Chandler had several 400 yard passing games with only one good receiver.
  6. ? Less than 200 yards shy of 2,000 in one season is average?
  7. It's funny, I like Aikman and Buck. My favorite commentating team all time was Madden and Summerall. I guess my opinion differs from the norm. Collinsworth can be annoying at times on SNF, but he and Al Michaels make one of the best current commentating teams as well.
  8. This was such a great game. One of my favorite games of all time, even if I weren't a Falcons fan. I guess unless I were a Vikes fan... but some of my favorite games of all time don't even involve the Falcons, like the '92 NFCCG. I think Madden said this '98 NFCCG was one of his favorite all time games too.
  9. I can't pay $300 each for lower level 20 yrd line seats when they are $115 for regular season games. I hope they lower the prices because the fans obviously had a big impact against Seattle, and will definitely be needed for the NFCC... and I'm not the only one who can't afford tickets this round.
  10. Well this morning on NFLNetwork they kept running the headline that Abe said he will play. He said something along the lines that he was forced out of yesterday's game but they ca't keep him out of next week's game. I'm just afraid he won't be 100% - but a 60-70% Abe is better than not playing at all. I just hope he's not limited like yesterday's game, few snaps only.
  11. Thanks! Reach in there and get you a soda.
  12. I don't collect, but I still have my old SNES and Sega Genesis. All the games are saved too. I've got an original Earthbound cartridge which is apparently worth a lot of money now, but it's one of my favorite games so I wouldn't sell it. I still play from time to time. Got all the original Donkey Kong Country's too.
  13. I thought the LB's ran this show
  14. I usually try to respect others opinions and not demean one's intelligence, but if you don't think Grimes was "that" good, and you think Dunta is better, then you have a mental problem that seriously needs to be dealt with. Grimes at his worst is twice the corner Dunta is. Dunta is always lagging behind receivers deep, and on curls and outs always standing behind the receiver just watching them catch the ball. Dunta couldn't defend a slant to save his life. I'm actually grateful to have Dunta, because he is somehow better than Franks and Owens... but to keep Dunta over a healthy Grimes would
  15. Yeah I think he just threw for 400 and some yards - I think it was in the new 'cuz he beat Scam's rookie record for single game passing yards.
  16. Because Turner and Quizz have almost equal top speed. Quizz is a lot faster hitting holes, but Turner waits on blocking that he never gets. Quizz just sprints from the get go and makes a move or two to find space. Quizz gets caught from behind on long runs just as Turner does. Quizz definitely deserves credit, and I'm not taking anything away from him at all... it's just that if Turner had proper blocking, he could do a great deal of damage. We need them both in the backfield and our line has to do a better job in run blocking. Way too often, Turner gets met by defenders literally as soon
  17. I know the OP wanted this discussion in another topic, but it has to be said again. How many times has Turner gone down from one tackler this season? A couple of times maybe. How many times has it taken 3-4 tacklers simultaneously to bring him down? Just about every time he carries the ball. My point is that I honestly believe the problem is with the blocking, not Turner. Turner may not be quite as fast as he was in '08, but I don't believe he's declined nearly as much as all of you like to say. Every time he's had decent blocking this year he's gotten the job done. Quizz doesn't do much
  18. I completely agree. The first TD he scores we should stop the game momentarily to acknowledge his records. I honestly would love to see that.
  19. If the line would just block for Turner, there would be no discussion of him leaving. /thread
  20. Knowing how ridiculous the NFL rulermakers are, Smith probably wouldn't get away with the situation in your example. That situation this past game was absolutely asinine. How hard is it for a ref to say to Smitty, "Its ok you don't have to throw a flag. We automatically review this". Instead you get flagged for unsportsman-like conduct and your team gets penalized 15 yards. A harmless situation that doesn't have to interrupt a game ends up being a far bigger deal than it has to be. The NFL rulermakers are making me sick with every year that passes and every new ridiculous rule that is impl
  21. I missed that game. What was Ryan mad about here ?
  22. Glad that our run blocking problem is finally being acknowledged. It's not Turner's fault he's pounded at the line of scrimmage as soon as he gets the ball. It's Turner's skill an strength that actually gets him 2-3 yards a carry. The guy who said Turner is no better than anyone off the street is not in his right mind. I'd love to see you go out there and get half the YPC Turner does. Any RB in the league is only as good as his blockers. Barry Sanders may be one of the 2-3 exceptions all time to that.
  23. That was pretty good. I didn't know anyone outside of ATL knew about the seating problem haha.
  24. The only thing bad about Julio being such a standout, is that other teams' (especially in the playoffs) defenses will target him like crazy... like the Saints did Favre and Warner a couple years ago. Some here have said Julio is injury prone, so this is the only thing I worry about.
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