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  1. We keep him until we are officialy out of the playoffs. Then release him. That way the Cheifs (or whoever) can pick him up off of free agency and he can at least play for a Super Bowl.

    If he doesn't make it, and we somehow bounce back next year and go to the Super Bowl... we could sign him to a 1 day contract just so he could play in the Super Bowl for us. He'd most likely not be in playing shape by that time but we could put him in there for one play and have a pass thrown to him just so he can actually experience playing the SB.

    Don't know how those one day contracts work but I know they exist since a lot of people have signed with their former teams so they could retire with their "home" team (ex. Elam signed 1 day contact with Denver to retire a Bronco), but who says it can't be the day of the Super Bowl so you could play in that game?

  2. lol I was pretty much the only person on Earth last year that said it wasn't Turner's fault. I always said he only needed the initial blocking and he could do the rest.

    When we signed SJax I said the same thing. Not a knock on him but I didn't expect a lot of production out of him only because of our terrible run blocking line

  3. This is all a big mistake by Glazier. Mike Smirh confirmed in his press conference that the injury in question happened BEFORE that deep ball one handed catch over Chromartie.

    Obviously with a season-ending foot fracture no one would have been able to make that play, or even run period. Plus, he continued to play after that and never left the game early or anything.

    The injury is true but whoever got the idea that it is season ending seems to have come out of nowhere. If Julio is out for any length of time it will probably be a matter of weeks at best.

  4. Turner all the way. S Jax has done nothing in preseason, but he hasn't had any blocking. That was Turner's problem - he never got any blocking last year. Jax just does't hit like Turner did. Plus, Turner was faster than Jax. Turner had breakaway speed that Jax doesn't. Jax may be quicker hitting the hole, but on a long run he gets caught up with whereas Turner could break the long runs and score.

    I like Jax I'm just saying.

  5. I love the glass looking one. Especially now that the video shows that there's seating on all sides of the field, and the open side is facing the skyline.

    I'm sorry, I just don't like the spaceship one at all... but I love the "lucas oil" looking one.

    I agree that the dome is fine though. I'll miss it. I love the ga dome.

  6. If these are the only designs they've come up with, I have a feeling the spaceship is gonna win. I'd rather have square one, but with the environmental "green" qualities and the "innovativeness" of the spaceship design, I just feel like Blank would want that one.

    I would hate the sun being a spotlight as well, and the suites for that one looked like they didn't even have private bathrooms. I didn't see the suites for the other one though so it may have been the same.

    Only thing I didn't like about the square one was that the open side wasn't facing the skyline. I think the view from inside the stadium would be cool if the open side faced the skyline, like the Seahawks stadium. Also, don't know if it would be possible, but it would be cool to have some seating on the open side as well. For some reason, stadiums without seating on all sides of the field look incomplete to me.

  7. Our line just wasn't the same since Dahl left. Now McClure retires, then we release Clabo. It's scary to think we only have one proven linemen now - Blaylock. Baker is too inconsistent.

    Ryan deserves a top dollar contract but not at the expense of his line. He knows better than anyone after 2011 that without a line a QB can't win games ALL by himself.

    Dunta was the only cut so far that made sense to me, and that was when I thought we were re-signing Grimes. Without Grimes we're right back where we were. Same with the Abe/Osi situation. It's great to have Osi, but without Abe, how is this any better than the past 5 years?

    When we keep cutting our best players it just makes me worried that this team is falling apart. I hope I'm wrong.

  8. Signing Osi won't do any good without Abe on the other side. If we don't bring Abe back we'll still have only one good DE again.

    I also want to say that Abe completely deserves to be back here. I know it's been said before, but Abe has consistently been one of the best pass rushers in the league every year and last season was no exception. To cut him because of the cap, and replace him with another star at 4+ million a year makes no sense.

    This organization seems to be run by good people who actually try to treat their players right. Abe absoluely deserves to be back here. To replace him doesn't make any sense, even purely as a business decision.

  9. Again, GREAT answers. Loved the way he handled the Abe question.

    I went from liking this signing to thinking this may be one we look back on for a long long long time as what helped us get that ring. Remember how close we were guys. If he is on the field for those comebacks that Seattle/SF were making I think he can make that play of a difference to stop one of those drives. And of course Jackson is going to help us run the clock to help finish teams off. This are the two guys we needed and we got them. Its up to the football gods and the refs now.

    I'm thrilled to have Osi, but do you really think he would make "the play" that Abe didn't? I don't see Osi as an upgrade over Abe. Like I said, I'm thrilled to have him, but without Abe on the other side I don't see our pass rush being any better.

  10. I'm tired of people saying Grimes is old and was only good one year. Grimes was incredible for two years and was great for a third (2011). The stats don't show it because for some reason he kept dropping all his picks in '11... but he was still better than most in coverage that year.

    Grimes is one of the most aware players I've ever seen at CB. He may have missed 15 games, but the mind will still be there. What he needs to prove is himself physically.

    I agree with not necessarily signing him to a multi-year deal right now. Any player with that type of injury may not be the same after that... but to not even try and to just let him go would be extremely foolish by this front office, and besides, signing a multi-year deal doesn't really mean anything these days. I mean Tony G was singed to a 2 year deal. Obviously he's not staying with us for two more years. Multi-year deals in this day and age are often used for cap effect purposes.

    And if we don't sign Grimes, there isn't anyone else that can replace him. McClain isn't ready to be a full time starter and there really isn't anyone amazing in the draft.

    Signing Grimes and a pass-rusher are equal priorities right now in my opinion.

  11. Being a seventh round pick put more pressure on me to produce in the position I was in because I didn't have the time that a higher draft pick would have as far as errors were concerned so if I make mistakes, I'd be out of there so that definitely pushed me to realize my potential a lot faster but as of now I realize that it's about me as a player and I know what I've capable of and I always strive to be the best so that's definitely what I'm trying to get out of life and football."

    That's one of the longest sentences I've ever read.

  12. Steven Jackson@sj39

    To the AMAZING Atlanta Falcons Owner, GM & Management team, I SINCERELY THANK EACH OF YOU for making this happen. I EAGERLY anticipate 2013!

    Retweeted by Atlanta_Falcons

    Now we must get him a line to block for him, and protect Ryan !!!

    While I'm exited that we signed Jax, I should say that if we had a line that could run-block we wouldn't have released Turner in the first place.

    Turner was still ther burner every time he got the initial blocking. Quizz was stopped for no gain every time he didn't get blocking too.

    Jax does appear to hit the holes a little harder, but he's gonna have to earn every yard for himself here. I don't care if some website ranked our line better at run blocking than St. Louis'. I saw what I saw last year. Absolutely no run blocking whatsoever, and Turner took the blame for it.

    Like I said though, I'm happy we signed him.

  13. what "special privilages" does a person choose to be gay for?

    People want the special treatment from society. I don't really know of any openly gay guys that got bullied in school. It was the sissies that wouldn't come out that got bullied. I often thought that guys claiming to be gay were just making desparate attempts to escape getting bullied.

    I mean it was just in the national news the other day some kid in high school announced he was gay at the school assembly. The whole school erupts in cheers. What is that? Now you get applauded for being gay? Why?

    Plus gays get special parades, attention, and even rights and unwritten laws. It's almost a crime to call someone gay now in public. Disney World even has a "gay" day or week or something. The state of Florida celebrates "gay" week.

  14. Maybe he'll take a paycut. Releasing Turner may not be a huge mistake, because If we can't get our line to run block, then there's no point in having any back on the field... but imagine if we had the run blocking line we had even in 2011. Turner is still a beast when he gets the initial blocking. He's no slower than Quizz on a straight line dash to the end zone. Quizz may be faster hitting holes, but both backs need initial blocking that Quizz also rarely gets.

  15. Wow, iit's sad to me to see how many ignoramuses we have on this board. In a way I hate to see divisive threads like this here, because I want to like all of you for the mere fact that your Falcons fans. Then I read some of the posts in this thread and it makes liking some of you really hard, just based on your sickening level of ignorance. Not that I can't put up with or like someone who disagrees with me. I disagree with people who are friends and family members all the time on a variety of topics. However, the very idea that someone "chooses" their sexuality is just so laughably, knuckle-draggingly effing stupid it blows my mind. Not only is this attitude stupid and antiquated, it's harmful as well. Having several friends and family members who are gay, the ultimate harmfulness of this attitude is why this particular brand of ignorance bothers me so much more than people's ignorance about other topics does.

    First of all, let's clear one thing up. The choice to have homosexual sex is not what makes a person gay. An innate same-sex attraction does, whether that attraction is ever acted upon or not. A person who is gay could go through life forcing themselves to have only heterosexual sex, which they would get no more joy or enjoyment out of than any of us straight people would forcing ourselves to have homosexual sex. Or they could choose to have no sex at all, ever. Those two scenarios would be "choices" but they would not be choices that would make the gay person any less gay.

    Second, having established that same-sex attraction, not an active same-sex relationship, is what defines a person as gay, what does that say about any of you who assert that homosexuality is a choice? Did you choose to be straight? More importantly, could you choose to be gay? You know what, I couldn't. Not in a million years. I didn't choose to be straight and I couldn't choose to be gay even if I wanted to for some reason. In fact, if you think that you, yourself, personally have chosen NOT to be gay, you're probably gay. (It's not just a river in Egypt is it?) Of course, most of you who throw that old, tiered, ignorant line around don't choose not to be gay and couldn't choose it if you wanted to either. So, that said, why isn't it a potential "choice" for you and it is a potential "choice" for others? Could it be that they were just born with a different genetic wiring than you and therefore were just BORN THAT WAY???? DUH?

    Don't give me any crap about homosexuality being a product of environment either. My brother is gay and we grew up in the exact same environment. Yet, he had the potential to "choose" being gay and I did not. Go figure. Lastly, even if it is or was a product of environment, (it's not), then a gay person STILL didn't choose it. Environmental factors would have chosen it for them.

    You can disagree with me on abortion or gun control or geopolitical issues and I won't call you an ignoramus. We just don't see things the same way and I'll agree to disagree. If you think being homosexual is a choice, you are an effing ignoramus. Still, I suppose you are entitled to your ignorant, wrong, silly, backwards, out-dated opinion.

    Well, you can choose to date a guy, can't you? That would make you gay, if you chose to do that. You may not be able to choose what you are physically attracted to, but you can still choose to date a male if you want to.

    I'm actually surprised to see so many of you on here acting like someone choosing to be gay is unheard of. In fact, I don't even know anyone personally that claims to have been born gay. I only know 3 gay people and each of them admit they choose to be gay. I mean that's pretty common. So to say that someone can't choose to be gay would make you an ignoramous.

    And once again, I'm not denying the possibility that someone could be "born" gay, I just don't think so in my personal opinion.

    I would be willing to bet everyone in this thread knows that kid that everyone knew was gay when they were kids before you even really knew what gay was. If that doesn't show that it is genetic, I don't know what does.

    There's always gonna be a kid that's a sissy in elementary school. Doesn't make him gay.

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