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  1. Sounds like a good idea. I'll probably ride to the arts station as well
  2. Zac brown and eminem are both headlining, and playing at the exact same time... Don't get that
  3. I haven't been to Piedmont in years. As long as it's a safe area I'm fine with walking
  4. Has anyone here been to Music Midtown before? I ask because I've never been and I see that no parking is provided... but surely there will be little public lots nearby like there are around the dome on gamedays. They may be $30 a nday but still. Does anyone know? Thanks for any help
  5. We keep him until we are officialy out of the playoffs. Then release him. That way the Cheifs (or whoever) can pick him up off of free agency and he can at least play for a Super Bowl. If he doesn't make it, and we somehow bounce back next year and go to the Super Bowl... we could sign him to a 1 day contract just so he could play in the Super Bowl for us. He'd most likely not be in playing shape by that time but we could put him in there for one play and have a pass thrown to him just so he can actually experience playing the SB. Don't know how those one day contracts work but I know they
  6. lol I was pretty much the only person on Earth last year that said it wasn't Turner's fault. I always said he only needed the initial blocking and he could do the rest. When we signed SJax I said the same thing. Not a knock on him but I didn't expect a lot of production out of him only because of our terrible run blocking line
  7. This is all a big mistake by Glazier. Mike Smirh confirmed in his press conference that the injury in question happened BEFORE that deep ball one handed catch over Chromartie. Obviously with a season-ending foot fracture no one would have been able to make that play, or even run period. Plus, he continued to play after that and never left the game early or anything. The injury is true but whoever got the idea that it is season ending seems to have come out of nowhere. If Julio is out for any length of time it will probably be a matter of weeks at best.
  8. Turner all the way. S Jax has done nothing in preseason, but he hasn't had any blocking. That was Turner's problem - he never got any blocking last year. Jax just does't hit like Turner did. Plus, Turner was faster than Jax. Turner had breakaway speed that Jax doesn't. Jax may be quicker hitting the hole, but on a long run he gets caught up with whereas Turner could break the long runs and score. I like Jax I'm just saying.
  9. Wasn't it Quitrino's decision to draft Busterson over Willis?
  10. I was thinking our first play this season might be Chris Chandler to Terrance Mathis for an 8 yard gain.
  11. I love the glass looking one. Especially now that the video shows that there's seating on all sides of the field, and the open side is facing the skyline. I'm sorry, I just don't like the spaceship one at all... but I love the "lucas oil" looking one. I agree that the dome is fine though. I'll miss it. I love the ga dome.
  12. If these are the only designs they've come up with, I have a feeling the spaceship is gonna win. I'd rather have square one, but with the environmental "green" qualities and the "innovativeness" of the spaceship design, I just feel like Blank would want that one. I would hate the sun being a spotlight as well, and the suites for that one looked like they didn't even have private bathrooms. I didn't see the suites for the other one though so it may have been the same. Only thing I didn't like about the square one was that the open side wasn't facing the skyline. I think the view from inside
  13. Our line just wasn't the same since Dahl left. Now McClure retires, then we release Clabo. It's scary to think we only have one proven linemen now - Blaylock. Baker is too inconsistent. Ryan deserves a top dollar contract but not at the expense of his line. He knows better than anyone after 2011 that without a line a QB can't win games ALL by himself. Dunta was the only cut so far that made sense to me, and that was when I thought we were re-signing Grimes. Without Grimes we're right back where we were. Same with the Abe/Osi situation. It's great to have Osi, but without Abe, how is this
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