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  1. It means his mom is hot! and He wears polyester! LOL!
  2. The women in south america are smoking....especially in Chile and Colombia!....DAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYAM! Said if I was ever AWOL...look for me there! LOL!
  3. Even the sun shines on a blind dogs ace...happy for you bro! Been there in the same situation with my daughter..Enjoy every minute of it.
  4. I seen the video she and Ray J did....lets say I would not kick her out of bed for eating crackers while on her knees.
  5. I like Sofia Verga Too....Love that accent.... Aye Papi! How bout that chick on CSI Miami....Eva LaRue! BOOOING!
  6. Women for SA are gorgeous! Especially Chile and Colombia!
  7. Suprisinly nothing...that is a big shocker...I usually get something! FUGGGGGGGGGGG!
  8. She is always fly....I am going to see it too. Did you see her in that clip from The Women? DAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYAMMMMMMM!
  9. I would only pick them after my beer goggles are on and then I would commence a deep throat jihad on them and then when I was done i would send them packing.
  10. My wife gets those rag mags and she kept showing up in them...I was like who the heck is she? I havent seen her on am movies or TV shows....I read the caption and they called her a socialite? WTF is that? Pretty bad you are only know for showing up to parties...
  11. - I was born at the Air Force Academy - I lived in 6 different states and 1 country before I graduated from HS - Never broke a major bone....only fingers and toes. LOL! - I have 7 kids-6 girls and 1 boy (and my son was the biggest pain in my ***! He is alll growed up and in the ARMY now) - My first car was an AMC Hornet (They try to catch me ridin dirty!) - I suck at trading stocks - I have ridden my Yamaha R6 at 145 mph - I have been a part of military operations in Saudi Arabia, Kosovo, Colombia, Iraq - I am a sucker for my grand-daughters - My ex wives are Roselyn Sanchez, Rosario Dawson, E
  12. Yes She does...I would like to give her some C**k-amole on her Facadilla! :P
  13. Rosario Dawson....Nice! Very Nice....Dirty Girl!
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